6lb+ Perch!

If you like predator fishing, throwing at few lures at the Baltic is the way to go!

That's exactly what Andreas was doing when he hooked this absolute BEAST of a perch!

As Mads from Savage Gear explains:

“Andreas, our German pro angler and chief guide from www.boddenabenteuer.de, has had the most amazing big Perch fishing session.

Casting cranks in the southern Baltic, over 2-3m deep areas with plenty of weedbeds, the 13cm 4Ply Lowrider and the Diving Prey63 giving him some insane results – topped by an absolutely huge fish of 51+cm and 2900g!! (6lbs+)!

Now that is a serious Perch – built like a Carp!  We congratulate Andreas for this Perch of a lifetime!!”

6lb+ Perch

6lb+ Perch