“Tournament Talk” Forum Launched

New Feature on ACS Tournaments Website

Bartlesville OK – ACS Tournaments, LLC unveiled a new chat board feature on its redesigned website offering competitive American and international carp anglers the opportunity to talk about tournaments from all over the world.  

ACS Tournaments will use the forum to post the latest information about their own tournaments which include several U.S. regional competitions and the annual Tournament of Champions.  

“The number of competitions we host each year is growing,” said Kathleen Kelly who oversees ACS Tournaments public relations and marketing efforts.  “We needed a way to communicate the ever-changing tournament scene with our circuit anglers and sponsors.  Using our website and the internet proves the fastest way to reach our audiences as developments evolve.”

“The feedback we hear from the competitors is invaluable as well.  The forum has fostered two-way discussion between our staff and the anglers which has already proven to be an excellent way to air ideas and answer questions in a timely manner.”  

With the continuing growth of carp angling competition in America, ACS Tournaments has devoted nine forum sections which mirror the traditional United States regions like the Mid-Atlantic, New England and Southwest.  Categories of specialized carp angling competitions comprise of pay-lakes, junior angling, fly-fishing and a link to the Carp Anglers Group website for fish-in information.

Anglers are encouraged to participate in discussion on tournaments not only from their own countries but for anywhere in the world.  A number of international competitors regularly come to the United States to compete, and of late, American carp anglers are venturing to competitions abroad.

The forum has international sections specific to several countries and regions considered the hotbed of international competitive carp angling such as England and France along with Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

ACS Tournaments officials are hopeful the forum will gain momentum to become a clearinghouse for tournament information worldwide.  Organizations hosting or sponsoring competitive catch-and-release tournaments are encouraged to post information on the website www.acstournaments.com.  There is no fee or membership required for posting competition information.