New Lake Record At Angel Lakes

Sunday 6th June 2010 open Lookout   NEW LAKE RECORD!!! 149lb 13oz Chris Owers


Conditions: - Mostly cloudy then rain, ambient temp 13 deg, wind W 7 mph, barometer 1011.1 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 18.1 deg, DO 8.2 ppm, PH 7.82, MV


1st Chris Owers 149lb 13oz peg 25 all carp pellet waggler 10mm angel pellets to corner

2nd Paul Jackson 68lb 7oz peg 24

3rd Alan Mc Guire 62lb 13oz peg 1

Section 1 Jimmy Messer 54lb 13

Section 2 Chris Gowling 62lb 9oz Peg 38


Very well done Chris new lake record 149lb 13oz


Chris Owers with one of his carp nets
Chris Owers with one of his carp nets


Saturday 5th June 2010 Roff & Washington AC


Conditions: - Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 18 deg, humidity 64%, wind  W 3 mph, barometer 1018 mb, Moon phase last quarter, water temp 18.2 deg, DO 8.7 ppm, PH 7.91, mv 28.


1st Kev Hanley 49lb 13

2nd Peter Cairns 47lb 14 Peg 36

3rd M Prudhoe 44lb 6oz peg 31

4th Tommy Marshall 42lb 13oz peg 27

5th Eddie Collins 31lb 1oz peg 11

6th Simon Mears 30lb 15oz peg 7


Friday 4th June open Lookout


Conditions: - Fair, ambient temp 20 deg, humidity 52%, wind SE 9 mph, barometer 1019 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp rose 18.9 deg, DO 10.7, PH 7.63, mv 11


1st John Foster 78lb 11oz peg 15    50lb silvers rest carp

2nd Graham Skirrey 70lb 13oz peg 12 all silvers

3rd Alan Mc Guire 44lb 4oz peg 2

4th Dave Jackson 31lb 5oz peg 1

5th Dave Jackson Jnr 28lb 11oz peg 6

6th Dave Catchyside 22lb 6oz peg 9


Wed eve 3 hours match 2nd June 2010 open Bowes


Conditions: - Partly cloudy, ambient temp 19 deg, humidity 46%, wind WNW 10 mph, barometer 1021 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp rose to 14.3 deg, PH 6.82, DO 8.5 ppm, MV36.


1st Steve Guy 74lb 6oz peg 3 (22 carp)

2nd Alan Mc Guire peg 4

3rd Tony Watson 39lb 10oz peg 37

4th Ricky Bennett 36lb 11oz peg 4

5th John foster 30lb 9oz peg 1

6th Neil Brown 18lb 8oz peg 16


Steve fished straight lead with 8mm angel pellet 6 ft of the island



With water temperatures rising again the fishing has been exceptional, some good catches of silvers with Graham Skirrey catching up in the water and weighing in 70b 13 oz of rudd, whilst carp are catching very well with Steve Guy catching 74lb 6oz in a 3 hour match on Bowes. And a new lake record of 149lb 13oz all carp on pellet waggler and 10mm angel pellets both banded and fed.




Fishing excellently on the correct chosen method for the peg of choice, on carp pegs the pellet waggler is doing very well, on silver pegs top two sections of pole up in the water, or top 3 and dead bottom will produce great results.

Tight in margins or just or the far bank, or just of the 2nd shelf will produce best results.

Keep feed going in constantly and fish a chuck is easily achievable.

New Lake Record for Chris Owers peg 25 149lb 13oz all carp on pellet waggler angel 10mm pellets banded on hook and fed 3 10mm per chuck.



Fishing exceptional on bomb and straight led, or tight in margins on top 3, pellet waggler also doing the business with 10mm banded pellet, worm getting some good bream and perch, whilst carp are catching very well with Steve Guy catching 74lb 6oz in a 3 hour match on Bowes. Fish Tight in margins or tight to island, or mid water for silvers



Great fishing with carp, crucians, Orfe, rudd, and silvers all being caught in perfusion maggot, pellet doing very well, Angling coaching with beginners is proving very popular with average new anglers catching over 25 fish in a session.


New Summer Sunday League starts from 20th June on Lookout fish 12 matches drop worst 3 points, names and deposits now being taken.



Sunday 9am draw.

Wed eve 5 pm draw Bowes

Friday afternoon 1pm draw. Lookout Island