Angel Of The North Fishing Lakes

Sunday 31st Jan 2010 open Lookout


Lakes started partially freezing again overnight, partly cloudy, ambient temp 1 deg (feels like –2), humidity 65%, wind NW9mph, barometer 1002 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 1.7 deg (dropped again), DO 8.55, PH 7.95, mv 9.


1st Dennis Gelderd 5lb 5oz (5 skimmers) peg 31

2nd Mark Carlin 4lb 4oz peg 16

3rd Ricky Bennett 1lb 12oz peg 26

4th Johnathan Broadbent 1oz peg 4


Tough day, cold, snow on ground and icy lake.

Had to miss of some good pegs as they were frozen to back bank or to island, also had to use some pegs we would not normally use in a match because of the ice conditions.



Wed 27th Jan 2010 open Lookout


Partly cloudy, Ambient temp 8 deg, humidity 93%, wind W 16 mph, barometer 1018 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 2.1 deg, PH 7.55, DO 5.95, cond 8


1st Alan Mc Guire 14lb 9oz peg 22 comprising 5 carp, golden tench, Ide, pellet waggler 6mm pellet for

                                                       carp, and tip with maggot (yellow)

2nd Ricky Bennet 8lb 2oz peg 29 pole 11 metres, on red and white maggot.


Rest DNW some caught but only paying top 2


Sunday 7th Feb and 14th Feb Match is fully booked names being taken for the 21st Open on Bowes.

Wednesdays matches names also being taken.




A tough week with lakes defrosting by Thursday then Snow on Friday and below freezing nights made all lakes start to ice over again leaving some pegs unfishable because of ice.


Water temperatures rose to 2.1 deg and went back down to 1.7 deg, making fishing tough.


This week the  waggler has worked very sucessfully, as have pole, bomb, and feeder. Hook baits of  Maggot red, white and yellow all have had success and pellet & pellet cone also caught fish.

Scaling down tackle and bait is key to keeping the bites coming when water temperature is this cold.