Angel of the North Fishing Lakes

Sunday Nov 8th 09 open Lookout


Conditions:- Heavy Rain to begin with, ambient temp 7 deg, wind ENE 5mph (poor fishing wind) barometer 1004.1 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp dropped 6 deg, DO 6.98, PH 7.22, MV 14

1st   Alan Mc Guire 55lb peg 31

2nd Anth Longstaff 49lb 11oz peh 15

3rd Chris Owers 45lb 13oz peg 33

4th Tony Watson 40lb 13oz peg 2

5th Ricky Bennett 35lb 11oz peg 25

6th Peter Cairns 33lb 6oz peg 6


Alan used bomb with conker on 6mm pellet covered in paste


Friday 6th Nov 09,  4 hour afternoon open match Lookout


Temperatures dropped after heavy frost, wet and breezy, water temp dropped 3 deg yet some excellent weights coming out


1st John Foster 79lb 6oz peg 25

2nd Alan Mc Guire 54lb 2oz peg 15

3rd Ray Wallace 47lb 2oz peg 1


Wed 4th Nov 09 open Lookout


1st Alan Mc guire 65lb 6oz peg 15

2nd John Foster 41lb peg 1

3rd Ray Wallace 16lb 6oz peg 24


Sunday 1st Nov 09 open Lookout


Extreme winds which turned direction and heavy rain


1st Alan Mc Guire 48lb 13oz peg 3

2nd Peter Cairns 39lb 1oz peg 7

3rd Tony Watson 31lb 3oz peg 27

4th Terry Guthrie 21lb 14oz peg 31

5th Johnathan Broadbent 21lb 10oz peg 25

6th Neil Brown 17lb 13oz peg 33


Winter League is best 9 of 12 matches names and deposits being taken now


Autumn League winners


1st Tony Watson

2nd Chris Owers

3rd Ricky Bennett


Coaching through winter is available on a one to one basis please phone to book.




Good weights coming out  as fish are still feeding well even though water temperature has dropped considerably this week to 6 deg,. Be carefull choosing your pegs as winds have been unfavourable to fishing with North and East being predominate as well as very heavy rains which the easterly brought pollutants again, choose in N or E winds areas where pockets of calm water are the best fishing to allow fish shelter out of wind and cold thermals. If W or S fish are following the wind, but are shoaling up now and its important to use your watercraft to choose the best spots.

Fishing is great at dusk and dawn and its good to watch skimmers oll on the surface in some early mornings.

Start being very carefull with feed and hook baits as you can overfeed 




Some cracking weights still coming out with 79lb 6oz in 4 hours on Fridays match by John Foster on peg 25 using pellet banded.

Perch of 3lb 2oz and 2lb plus have been caught this week as well as good rudd, roach and 3lb 5oz ide, carp to double figures also caught.




Some great numbers of fish taken have been caught by anglers being very selected of their choice of pegs to conditions of the day. Fish shoaling and still feeding well but restricting movement around wind conditions.




Some good fish caught in the 2lb mark of rudd, roach, ide and carp, as well as smaller tench this has been well used in the bad weather




 is one to one over winter months and does need to be pre booked



Sunday opens now on Lookout through winter draw at 9am

Wed is draw at 10 am on LookoutFriday is 12  draw and on Bowes