Angel of the North Fishing Lakes

Sunday 13th June 2010 open/league Bowes


Conditions:- Light rain, ambient temp 12 deg, barometer 1010.8 wind WSW 5mph, moon phase waning crescent, water temp dropped 12.8 deg,  PH 7.85, DO 9.6, MV 23

1st Jimmy Messer 57lb 9oz  peg 3

2nd Paul Jackson 43lb 8oz peg 22

3rd Derek Fox 40lb 9oz peg 40

1st section Tommy Marshall 27lb 4oz peg 5

2nd Section Tony Watson 15lb 2oz peg 16


Spring League winner Paul Jackson well done Paul!!

2nd Derek Fox

3rd Chris Gowling

4th Tony Watson


Next weeks match is just an open on Lookout.


Summer League starts now 27th June on Lookout names taken and deposits now, fish 12 matches and drop worst 3!


Sunday 13th June 2010 Big Waters Lookout


Conditions:- Light rain, ambient temp 12 deg, wind WSW 5mph, barometer 1010.8  moon phase waning crescent, water temp dropped 12.6 deg,  PH 7.55, DO 8.3, MV 11


1st Barry Evans 70lb 14oz peg 1 all silvers

2nd Gary Rutherford 47lb 13oz peg 11

3rd Tommy Smith 42lb 8oz peg 38

4th Jim Applby 41lb 10oz peg 4

5th John Mitchell 40lb 2oz peg 14

6th Nigel Beardsly 40lb peg 2


Saturday 12th June 2010 Matchscene Lookout


Conditions:- Partly cloudy, ambient temp 12 deg, wind NW8mph, barometer  1013.9 mb, moon phase New, water temp rose to 13.4 deg  DO 9.3,  PH 8.15  MV36


1st Graham Skirry 65lb 11oz peg 5 (62lb 4oz silvers)

2nd Johnathan Broadbent 62lb 7oz peg 15

3rd Ian Gillis 43lb 6oz peg 9

4th Alan Mc Guire 41lb 11oz peg 2

5th Dave Jackson 38lb peg 12

6th Dave Jackson Jnr 28lb 2oz peg 1



Friday 11th June 2010 Friday Afternoon open Lookout Another Ton up!

Conditions:- Partly cloudy, ambient temp 10 deg, humidity 87%, wind W 5 mph, barometer 1009.1 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp dropped to 13 deg,   DO 8.5 ppm,  PH 7.82  Mv.23

Another ton up !!!! John Foster 111lb 8oz peg 15 Lookout


1st John Foster 111lb 8oz peg 15

2nd Graham Skirrey 85lb 8oz peg 25

3rd Dave Catchyside 43lb 12oz peg 24

4th Ray Wallace 36lb 11oz peg 1



Wed Eve 9th June 2010 5pm Draw open Bowes 3 hour match

Conditions:- Heavy overnight rain followed by  rain all day and night, ambient temp 11 deg, wind ENE 18 mph, barometer 1009.1 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp dropped to 15.8, DO 8.95, PH 7.85, MV31

1st Ricky Bennett 33lb 7oz peg 16

2nd Ray Wallace 26lb 10oz peg 34

3rd John Foster 25lb 3oz peg 1

4th Paul Tuff 19lb 10oz peg 3

5th Alan Mc Guire 18lb 12oz peg 37

6th Steve Guy 13lb 10oz peg 10


A horrible night with winds and lashing driving rain



Two TON ups from Lookout including the lake record, even though we have had some persistent heavy prolonged rain this week and high NE winds the water dropped to 12 deg again, the fish have had some major changes in the last 3 weeks with the highest water temperature reaching 20 deg and the plummeting to 12 twice now. This has not affected the fish feeding building up after most have spawned with some excellent catches on all 3 lakes. Crucians and tench are catching now, as well as good high numbers of silvers and carp, big bags of skimmers and also rudd being caught, roach, ide and Orfe also perch also feeding up well, Bream are being caught on worm and casters cocktails, paste, conker, pellet, maggot, 





Fishing excellently for silvers all around the lakes, as well as carp early and late in the day, some good weights over the ton have come out, as well as last week the lake record was broken by Chris Owers and John Foster doing 111lb 8oz on peg 15 on Friday.





Late or early morning for the carp and when they switch on to feed it becomes a fish a chuck if your method and feed is correct. Silvers growing well and feeding well, some excellent silver bags as well. Worm best for big bream, mussel working as well as conker, 10mm pellets, and even maggot.

Best Carp out this week is a 25lb 13oz mirror caught by Alan Wright from Manchester who also caught 2 good bream an 8lb 13oz and a 9lb 9oz on peg 19




is fishing very well and maggot and soft hooker/expander doing well, need to keep feed going in for rudd up in the water or for skimmers tench and carp use 3mm angel pellets as feed, some high numbers of crucians have came out as well as some good Orfe best 3lb 7oz.