Angel of the North Fishing Lakes

Sunday 23rd May 2010 open/league Lookout


Conditions:- Partly cloudy, ambient temp 24 deg,  humidity 50%, wind WNW 8 mph, barometer 1019 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 18.3, DO 8.1, PH 7.91, MV28


1st Lee Slater 63lb 14oz peg 42 on corn and pellet 13 mtrs to right

2nd Jonny Maddison 59lb 6oz peg 12 on caster shallow

3rd Ian Gillis 45lb 4oz peg 11

4th Alan Mc Guire 39lb 9oz peg 36

Section 1 Peter Wadge 37lb 14

Section 2 Neil Brown 36lb 14oz peg 13

Section 3 Graham Skirrey 31lb 4oz peg 25

Section 4 Ricky Bennett 39lb 9oz peg 37


A week ago water temp dropped to 9.4 deg and now it’s doubled with Fish spawning from 8.30pm last night –lakes all night were like a Jacuzzi in the reeds thrashing away.


 Friday afternoon 21st May 2010 open Lookout


Conditions:- Summer haze, ambient temp 18 deg, humidity 94%, Wind W 5 mph, barometer 1032.9 mb, moon phase first quarter, water temp 15.7 deg, DO 9.3 ppm, PH 7.79, MV 21


1st Colin Thompson 84lb 10oz peg 1 went over silver net! 40lb silvers 44lb 10oz carp.

2nd Ray Wallace 68lb 4oz peg 15

3rd Graham Skirrey 64lb 13oz peg 6

4th Jonathan Mavern JNR 47lb 1oz peg 9

5th Ricky Bennett 43lb 9oz peg 6

6th Dave Jackson 42lb 1oz peg 11


Colin fished tight to margins left and right, fed Angel 3mm feed pellets and used expanders on hook.


Wed 19th May 2010 Army Group 5


Conditions:- Partly  cloudy, ambient temp 16 deg, humidity 87%, wind calm, moon phase waxing crescent,  water temp 12.9 deg, DO 7.1 ppm, PH 7.44, MV 23


1st Rocky 85lb 8oz peg 31 all silvers

2nd  peg 7 67lb all silvers

3rd peg 29 63lb 3oz

4th peg 11 62lb 12oz

5th peg 13 62lb 3oz

6th peg 3 62lb


Peg 15 actually got 102lb 8oz however he  had one of his silver nets disqualified as he went over his silver net limit to 52lb 2oz the silver net weight is 40lb limit and between 40 and 50 lb it is weighed in at 40 lb but over 50lb it is disqualified.

Great number of silvers out today.


Wed Eve 19th May 2010 open 3 hours Bowes


Conditions:- Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 16 deg, humidity 72%, wind NW 5 mph, barometer 1028.1 mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 13.1 deg, DO 7.5 ppm, PH 7.76, MV 19


1st Ricky Bennett 47lb 2oz peg 4

2nd Paul Tuff 39lb 2oz peg 2

3rd Graham Sirrey 36lb 14 peg 10

4th John Foster 26lb 5oz peg 25

5th Dave Catchyside 21lb 4oz peg 40

6th Dave Pearson 20lb 9oz peg 34


Matches through the summer May to August

Wed Evening draw 5pm fishing 6 to 9pm
Friday 1pm draw fishing 2pm till 7pm
Sunday draw 9am fishing 10.30 till 3.30pm


Water temperature have rose this week to spawning temperatures and as a consequence the fish started spawning from Saturday evening and the lakes were like Jacuzzis in the reeds and loads of reeds floating this morning all over every lake.


Catch rates have been excellent till spawning, fishing tight in margins with some good numbers of fish out.



Caster and pellet have been doing some excellent catch rates, feed 3 or 6 mm angel pellets and keep feeding margins as extra swims at 11 metres out fish up in the water for rudd or on the bottom for skimmers. Chopped worm, maggot  and paste also catching.

Some excellent weights and numbers of fish being caught

6 good ghosties caught in the match feeding up in the water.



Lots of big bream being caught on chopped worm and cater cocktails, pellet, paste and conker for the carp and maggot for silvers, some great catches coming out with the larger fish feeding up well, keep the angel pellets going in the margins as an extra swim and you will see the tails of the carp feeding up sticking out the water after half and hour.




Peter Richards on Saturday enjoyed a very hot day with the sheltered pond giving an ambient temperature of 30 deg, and a 20 deg water temperature, he caught 99 carp in excess of 100 silvers 2 tench and 2 crucians before he had to go home due to the excessive heat of the day.

Fish tight in the margins using pellet and feed 3 mm angel pellets or choose to use maggot and feed maggot