Angel Of The North Fishing Lakes

Sunday 9th Aug 09 open Lookout


Conditions:- Partly Cloudy,  ambient temp 18 deg,  humidity 68%,  wind calm, barometer 1019 mb,  moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 18.3 deg,  DO 11.4 ppm,  Ph 7.34, conductivity 28.

1st Andy Simpson Browning 64lb 9oz peg 6

2nd Tony Robertson 55lb 8oz peg 16aa

3rd Tony Watson Fishing Republic 43lb peg 11

4th Ray Laing 39lb 2oz peg 42

5th Rickie Bennett 37lb 8oz peg 5

6th Alan Mc Guire 29lb 4oz peg 23


Andy fished tip with pellet, or pole 13 metres sweetcorn on hook over angel pellet 6mm.


We now have a Wednesday Day open Match Draw at 10 am fishing 11 till 4pm on Lookout island

Also a Friday afternoon draw at 1pm fishing 2 to 6 pm on Lookout island

Names now being taken Phone 01914100449 or email  


Wed eve 5th Aug 09 Bowes


Conditions:- Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 22 deg,  humidity 68%, Wind S 7mph,  barometer 1013.9 mb, moon phase full, water temp rose 18.2, DO 14.00 ppm, PH 7.63, conductivity 44.


1st Tony Robertson 37lb 12oz peg 3

2nd Tommy Cullerton 34lb 5oz peg 12

3rd Chris Owers 28lb 11oz peg 22

4th Anth Richardson 27lb 1oz peg 4

5th Neil Brown 23lb 10oz peg 40

6th Alan Mc Guire 19lb 8oz


Tony used tip to island with 10mm banded angel pellet over 10mm pellet cattyed out



Excellent fishing both for silvers and carp species, with water temperatures remaining constant at 18 deg,  fish are feeding ferociously so make sure plenty feed goes in little but often to get lots of catches, remember the larger the hook baits the bigger the fish.

This week has seen most species catching up in the water and just of the marginal shelves, or if you want bream go dead depth and feed lots to keep the shoals in the swim.

Great numbers of fish are being caught on all methods with tip to island doing well as is float or pole tight in, go out to 6 metres and dead depth for the bream, tench and roach.

Best baits for the hook are pellet soft hooker, banded or hair rigged, paste (try making it out of angel feed pellets), maggot, caster, worm and sweetcorn, cubed meat also working. Feed angel feed pellets, hemp, groundbait, maggot, caster, worm is the only feed allowed!




Superb fishing but you must feed well little but often to get the fish to stay in your peg, as the fish are feeding  ferociously at this water temperature of 18.2 deg, and day light is shorter as if the fish know autumn is on its way.  Les Baker from South Shields landed a common (female)  27lb 12oz on large cubed meat from peg 1, Les fed Angel 6 mm betaine pellets. Tony Robertson fishing peg 3 casting to between the islands had a cracking days fishing on 10mm banded angel pellets over angel feed pellet catapulted out getting virtually a fish a chuck. Some good personal best weights of carp coming out for pleasure anglers who get the feed patterns correct.



Fabulous catch rates tight in the margins or at 6 metres out, rudd on the drop as well as ide, orfe and even carp well up in the water. Skimmers, roach and tench getting caught dead bottom. Plenty of feed to keep the fish in your swim and keep them interested.   Carp, skimmers, rudd, roach, ide, orfe, tench and even gudgeon all catching on pellet, maggot, caster, cubes of luncheon meat and sweetcorn. Feed angel pellets, hemp, or maggots.


Angling Coaching

is every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday mornings at 9 am till Noon. We supply all the tackle, end tackle, bait, seat box, landing net, unhooking mat, ticket to the water, rod Licence, and qualified angling coach for £15.00 per person per lesson bookings taken by phone. 0191 4100449.


Day Matches


We now have a Wednesday Day open Match,

Draw at 10 am fishing 11 till 4pm on Lookout island

Also a Friday afternoon

Draw at 1pm fishing 2 to 6 pm on Lookout island

Sunday Open

Draw  9am fish 10.30 till 3.30pm.

Names now being taken Phone 01914100449 or email