Angel of the North Fishing Lakes

Sunday Aug 16th 09 open Bowes TON UP!!! Tony Watson


Conditions:- Mostly Cloudy, ambient temperature 16 deg, humidity 72%, wind WSW 15 mph, barometer 1008.1 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp dropped to 16.1 deg, PH 7.44, DO 13.0, conductivity 35.

1st Tony Watson Fishing Republic 100lb 10oz peg 5

2nd Rob Emmery 62lb 13oz peg 3

3rd Chris Owers 56lb 12oz peg 33


Ray Hughes 34lb 14oz peg 2

Tony Robertson 33lb 4oz peg 12

Dave Foster 27lb 1oz peg 22

Dereck Fox 40lb 14oz peg 36

Well done on your ton up Tony who used tip to island and feeder with soaked angel pellets in it,  on hook 10mm pellet covered in paste and pellets(conker)


Aug 14th 09 Friday afternoon open 4 hours Lookout

Conditions:- Mostly Cloudy with rain showers, ambient temperature 17 deg, wind SW 15 mph, barometer 1008.1 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temperature 17.1 dropped, PH 7.34, DO 11.4, conductivity 24.


1st John Foster 55lb 15oz peg 1

2nd Alan Mc Guire 37lb oz peg 12

3rd Tony Robertson 36lb 10oz peg 2

4th Anth Longstaff 34lb 14oz peg 14

5th Nevil Langley 34lb 7oz peg 3

6th Dave Foster 33lb 7oz peg 5


John used tip to far bank on 10 mm pellet, and pole 9 meters out on paste


Wednesday 12th Aug 09 day open Lookout

Conditions: Partly Cloudy, humidity 68%, wind WNW21 mph, barometer 1014.9 mb, moon phase waning gibbous,  water temperature 18.4 deg, PH 7.45, DO 13.9 ppm.


1st Alan Mc Guire 84lb 10oz peg 5 (80lb of carp)

2nd Mark Wilson 65lb 10oz peg 1

3rd Rickie Bennet 32lb 9oz peg 11

4th Anthony Longstaff 31lb 4oz peg 14

5th Rob Emmery 31lb 13oz peg 8

6th Andrew Brown 29lb 6oz peg 3


Heavy winds at WNW 21 mph make presentation hard, Alan caught his 80lb carp on tip to the back bank and his 4lb 10oz of silvers out in front.

Alan used paste covered by pellet as a conker and 10mm banded pellets



Fishing is continuing to be very good if you get the feed patterns correct, little but very often is still the way forward, with fish feeding very ferociously, but put to much in at once and you feed them off. Its been a week the barometer dropped bringing in unsettled weather and winds (good for Dissolved Oxygen however.)  but fishing well despite a slight drop in water temperatures,  Autumn is just around the corner and fish well aware of this and are feeding well

Angel feed pellet (fishmeal ) are doing some stunning business both as feed baits, soaked as a cage feeder feed, also as paste not only at the angel lakes but at several other match venues.

The 10mm premium have worked stunning banded and cast out on the tip to the back bank, or back of the islands, with another 10 mm catapulted over the hook bait as feed. You can also use 10mm banded tight in the margins on waggler or top 3 of your pole and feed either size of angel pellets.

The tip either bomb or cage feeder methods are very much the best catch rate for good carp on all lakes. With Silvers coming out on the drop or go down dead bottom and feed heavy for bream, tench, and carp on low barometer days, as most days carp also tench, and crucians are well up in the water in the high thermals tight in the marginal reeds.





Some stunning weights have been coming out with Wednesdays 5 hour match producing 84lb of the island, and Friday afternoon 4 hour match producing 55lb of the island. Pleasure anglers are having a high catch rate if they get the feed patterns and fishing methods correct. Jon Knox from Carlisle and his 3 friends all fishing for the first time at angel all had in excess of 100 fish each and are returning this week, their catches included Carp, Crucians, Tench to 5lb 10oz a male, Golden Tench, several Bream over 4lb and lots of silvers.

Andy Moore from the boarders caught a 12lb 9oz koi as well as silvers, tench and carp to 10lb and managed a brace of crucians.

We have matches, which everyone is welcome to join in every Wednesday with a draw at 10am and also a Friday afternoon draw at 1pm on Lookout island as well as alternative Sundays draw at 9 am. All welcome!!




Some stunning catch rates of anglers using tip bomb or feeder and pole who get the feed patterns correct.  Season Ticket holder and specimen angler Ian Dixon continues his targeting of the specimen carp after 8pm with some great fish caught all on large cubes of meat, Ian targets the specimens tight in the margins whilst the warmer water temperatures continue. Ian feeds angel pellets often soaked to give a groundbait consistency and balls the feed in. Pleasure anglers spray feeding angel pellets whilst fishing tight in the margins are getting some stunning catch rates especially with the wind in their face. Pellet, Paste, worm cocktail, cubed/ punched meat, and sweetcorn on the hook working well, feed angel pellets or groundbait and hemp.




This pond has produced some excellent catch rates with more 10 lb and lots down to 1lb 8oz carp being caught, also crucians, tench, golden tench, rudd to 2lb 4oz (caught by 11 yr old Abby Rutherford on her first fishing taster session on Sunday), golden rudd, roach, gudgeon, & skimmers now averaging 1lb 4oz all catching well. Get the feed and method of fishing correct tight in the margins for maximum catches.Maggot, Pellet, paste, worm cocktail, or sweetcorn on the hook all working, over angel feed pellets or maggots.  


Angling Coaching and Learn to Fish Sessions

Whilst the holidays are here we have sessions from 9 am till Noon every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings where Angel provides everything and an angling coach for £15.00 per session per person. For the under 16s it is a great chance to also join the junior club which has meetings with an angling coach in participation. 



Wednesday open Lookout Island draw 10am fishing 11 to 4pm


Friday afternoon open Lookout Island draw 1pm fishing 2pm till 6pm


Sunday open alternating from Bowes then Lookout draw 9am fishing 10.30 till 3.30pm