Angel Lakes

Sunday 1st July 2012 open Lookout
Conditions:-  Fair, ambient temp17  deg, Wind WSW 16 mph, barometer 1003.4 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 15.6 deg, PH 7.8, DO 7.16

1st Chris Owers 87lb 5oz peg 1
2nd Graham Skirrey 52lb 7oz peg 32
3rd Peter Cairns 50lb 13oz peg 24
4th Steve Guy 42lb 10oz peg 11
5th Neil Brown 40lb 7oz 15
6th Dave Pearson 36lb 8oz peg 29

Saturday  30th June 2012 open Bowes Another Ton UP!!
Conditions, Fair, ambient temp, wind SSW 11 mph, barometer 1003.3 mb,  moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 16.6, DO 6.62, PH 7.8

1st Dave Pearson 100lb 7oz peg 40
2nd Jonny Maven jnr 75lb 12oz peg 35 (with weight disqualified for being over taken off)
3rd Martin Atkin 68lb 4oz peg 3
4th Richard Wildman 41lb 12oz peg 18
5th George Atkin 36lb 8oz peg 24
6th Simon Moles 17lb 12oz peg 22

Wed 27th June 2012 open Bowes
Conditions, rain at first then mostly cloudy and muggy, wind WNW 7mph,  humidity 80%, barometer 1013.2mb, moon phase first quarter, water temp 16.1 deg, ph 7.65, DO 9.23

1st Alister Morris jnr 88lb 6oz peg 35
2nd John Dryden 51lb 12oz peg 40
3rd Ray Wallace 51lb 11oz peg 3

Even in the 2 hours of torrential rain 7 anglers on Thursday afternoon refused to stop fishing,  and were rewarded with fish of double figures with Alan Gardner on Bowes catching 5 x 20lb ers in the storm – with  thunder and torrents of water they all were well soaked but happy with their catches.

Ian Dixon caught a lovely 22lb common carp as well as several other double carp, and 2 bream of 10lb 1oz and 7lb on mussel and meat.