Angel of the North Fishing Lakes match and catch reports to 10th June 2007

Stunning week for fish catches,  a fish a chuck for  prolonged periods is being  achieved very regularly .  
With the  weather settling down, and  water temperature at last rising, the are fish feeding excellently.
There has been  some stunning quality  and quantity of coarse fish being caught for example:- Tench best 8lb 8oz a female, golden tench best 2lb 6oz,  best ghostie was 9lb 12oz,  best Crucians was 3lb 9oz. There are some superb  Rudd, Golden Rudd and Orfe both golden and blue  over 1lb being caught, skimmers are averaging 1lb 4oz,  There has been  Perch to 2lb plus, and ide to 1lb 5oz, the best bream to come out complete with spawning tubercles is 5lb 10oz, carp are averaging 3lb with some to 12lb coming out.  Anglers who have basic competency and correct tackle are doing excellently especially in the margins.
Best baits maggot, worm, pellet, then sweetcorn, best flavouring strawberry, best groundbait Super G, (also great as a paste) and Angel feed pellets as the feed.
Lookout mixed coarse
Anglers are having a fantastic run on catch rates, all species are feeding very tight in margins with the best time for carp catching from 9am to 11am then 3pm to 7pm at the moment. Some excellent quantities of silver fish being caught up in the water, and major numbers of carp and tench being caught it just keeps getting better on this lake.
We are advising anglers to tackle up to at least 16 elastic for a pole, and at least 8lb line with a minimum of 5lb hook length for this lake as the fish just keep on growing. They are also breeding with some stunning juveniles from the previous two years now also being caught, so anglers can target larger fish or smaller fish and target specific species depending on the baits,  tackle and method they use.
Bowes carp lake
Best carp out this week was a mirror at 26lb 10oz, with Les Hetherington doing an after work ticket from 4pm catching 4 doubles and 8 just under 10lb.
Monday and Wed evening in 3-hour matches the weights were over 50lb, which is not bad for 3 hours, so what pleasure anglers can get in a day is massive weights.
Pleasure anglers can target the lumps or the smaller carp and get some cracking sport.
Best baits Pellet and paste works well, as well as cubed luncheon meat, maggots on maggot clips, and worm tails topped with a caster as a cocktail do the business.
Bassetts mixed coarse
This pond just produces the goods consistently with beginners in three-hour coaching sessions getting well in excess of 40 fish a session, even competent anglers love this pond as the catch rates are so good. Fish tight in the margins for huge success at about 2ft 10inches in depth but plumb up well first. Best bait on this pond is by far maggot.
Coaching sessions need to be booked by phone and are Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8.45 am to 12 noon. All the equipment seat box, rod/reel or elasticated whips, end tackle, bait, EA Licence, half day ticket, and a coach all for £15.00 per person per session.
Junior Club welcomes all under 16s on a Friday evening at 6pm with a coach present to help develop skills and methods.
Matches are
Saturday and Sunday draw at 9am fishing from 10am until 3pm,
Monday and Wed Evenings draw at 5pm fishing six until 9pm
Sunday 10th June 07 open Lookout
Mostly cloudy, Ambient temp 17 deg, humidity 88%, wind N3, barometer 1019mb, moon phase waning crescent, Water temp 17.2 to 17.5 deg DO 8.9   PH 7.52
1st Jeff Layton  Angel 56lb 08oz peg 4   
2nd Scott Miller BWAC 51lb 6oz peg 8 
3rd Peter Wilson 46lb 4oz peg 11 
4th Keith Ainsley Angel 38lb 15oz peg 9 
5th Liam Shilling Angel Jnr 35lb 9oz peg 3 
6th Andrew Brown 35lb 6oz peg 2
Jeff caught Carp for the first hour then the carp switched off he then switched to silvers, his catch was 33lb 3oz of carp and 23lb 05 of silvers he used paste and pellets over angel feed pellets, at 9mtres out with a 16 elastic and preston pr21 12 hook.
Saturday 9th June 2007
Misty then overcast, Ambient temp 16 deg, humidity 88%, wind NE1mph,  barometer 1020mb, moon phase waning crescent,  water temp 15.7deg,   DO 8.70  PH 7.65
1st   Graham Jones 52lb 03oz peg 14
2nd Keith Ainsley Angel 38lb 10oz peg 35
3rd Dave Foster Angel 30lb 15oz peg 37
4th Rob Emmery Metro Shotton Mail  28lb 02 oz peg 25
5th Dave Hudgson 24lb 02oz peg 23     
6th Andrew Brown 17lb 7oz peg 16
Wind from the North the fish go forth is a good saying as the fish were very much on the move today and did not stop in anyone's swim.
Wednesday 6th June 2007 Open
Ambient temp 10 deg, Mostly Cloudy, humidity 82%, wind NE 2mph,  barometer 1025.1mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 13.9 , DO 8.7, PH 7.65
1st  Keith Ainsley Angel 39lb 01oz peg 39
2nd Tommy C 20lb 07oz peg 32
Rest DNW
Keith fished paste over 6mm angel feed pellets, his 3rd win in a week well done Keith.
Monday Coast cutter open £5.00 all in winner paid only.
Overcast with sunny spells, ambient temperature 13deg, wind NNE 6mph, barometer 1028.4mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 17.9 deg, PH 7.60, DO9.24
1st Keith Ainsley  Angel 54lb 12oz peg 15
2nd Alex Burton Angel Jnr     26lb peg 2
Those with the wind on their backs did well in an NE wind,  and those facing the wind and those  with the wind on their side struggled. The sayings wind from the East the fish feed least , wind from the North the fish go forth,  is very true as the number of anglers who had bites but didn't convert to catches was amazing.
Well done to Keith who used paste with success and had some fish on pellet.

Alex Burdon 1st on the Jnr match with his catch