Angel of the North Fishing Lakes Week ending Sunday 3rd Aug 08

Wed Eve open 30th July 08
Conditions:- Partly cloudy, ambient temp 20 deg, humidity 68%, Wind S9 with gusts then calm, barometer 1014.6 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 19.3 deg, PH 7.65, DO 13.ppm, conductivity -55
1st Chris Owers Angel 36lb 9oz peg 25
2nd Brian Hall 35lb 1oz peg 2
3rd Chris Faill Angel Jnr 34lb 13oz peg 13
4th Neil Brown Angel 34lb 8oz peg 18
5th Alan Hepple 33lb 10 oz peg 1
6th John Foster Angel 23lb 5oz peg 33
Chris used pellet & Paste on pole fish very spread out close results
Sunday 3rd Aug 08 Open Lookout
Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 17 deg, humidity 82%, SW 6mph, barometer 1005 mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 18.7 deg, PH 7.51, DO 13.4 conductivity -56
1st Dennis Burden Angel 70lb 11oz peg 2
2nd Ray Laing Langley Park  63lb 8oz peg 40
3rd Peter Wilson 56lb peg 15
4th David Pearson 43lb 4oz peg 6
5th Andrew Brown 42lb 5oz peg 11
6th Chris Owers Angel 42lb 2oz peg 30
Dennis fished pellet and bomb to island for first 2 hours, then paste at 6 meters on pole for an hour, then back to island for last 2 hours. Fed pt of feed.  Well done Dennis good weight.
Some outstanding days fishing this week on all lakes and wind direction helping very well on some days, rain dropped water temp with rainy days fish going of feed for spells then coming back on well, the sunny spells brought temp back up therefore continuing fish feeding well.  
Pellet, and paste proving the best hook baits with sweetcorn, worm, shrimp, mussel and maggot next. Sweet flavoured additives also proving good, both for hook baits and as addition to Angel Pellets for feed try Tutti Fruit or Strawberry. If making paste out of angel pellets try soaking the flavourings onto pellets in a poly bag and put in fridge over night to get flavour to soak through prior to soaking pellets fully for paste.
Fishing very well with everyone who’s set up correctly catching at almost fish a chuck, some good reported catches even on very wet days.
Ian Dixon in a two-hour session took 9 carp to 8lb, and 56 skimmers, Rudd and Roach all on pellet, fishing peg 23.
Karl Redhead in a 4 hour session took 54 fish best was 5lb.
Norman Eade Monday fishing peg 16aa took  7 carp to 4lb, 6 Crucians, 8 golden tench, plus Skimmers, Rudd, totalled over 60 fish. On Thursday Norman had 95 fish from peg 25 a good mixed bag best weight was over 4lb. both half day sessions.
Reported good weights both in numbers of fish and specimen sized have been spread out on all pegs this week, I presume this is because of good S and W warm winds and a favourable high barometer reading most day’s between 1009 and 1021 mb.
Brian Hall fishing pole with paste on the hook took 62 carp with 6 of them a good 10lb, on Sunday Afternoon on peg 40.
Craig Smith from Washington on Monday using Carp Waggler rod and meat on hook had a lovely 22lb common and smaller carp.
Ian Dixon
Sophie Mc Dowell 15 years old had a good 6lb 8oz mirror out.
Steven Mac Milan as part of his number took a 12lb 12oz mirror.
Paul Heptinstall in a morning session had 60 mixed fish fishing peg 9.
Andrew Bay fishing peg 7 had over 40 fish on pole using meat or corn on the hook in a half day session.
Everyone on coaching this week caught exceptionally well.
Lots of new anglers of all ages coming into the sport with young females asking parents who don’t fish to let them learn-YES things are changing at last in our sport!!!!!!