Angel of the North Fishing Lakes

Sunday 2nd October 2011 open Lookout
Conditions:- Overcast with Rain, ambient temperature 17 deg, wind S5 mph, barometer 1016.9mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp rose to 18.2 deg, ph 7.85, DO 8.70, mv 54,

1st Peter Cairns 45lb 5oz peg 5
2nd Tony Watson 43lb 11oz peg 9
3rd Neil Brown 39lb 8oz peg 3
4th Chris Pine 37lb 11oz peg 1
5th Dave Pearson 34lb 9oz peg 30
6th Jonny Maven jnr 30lb 13oz peg 27

Saturday 1st Oct 2011 open Bowes
Conditions: Sunny , ambient temp 26 deg, humidity 49%, wind S 8 mph, barometer 1020 mb, moon phase waxing crescent,  water temp rose to 16.9 deg, PH 7.65, DO 11.2 ppm,

1st Geordie Atkin 51lb 2oz peg 10
2nd Martin Cryer 17lb peg 22
3rd Dalton Mullinger 12lb

Wed 28 Sept 2011 open Bowes

Conditions:-  Sunny, ambient temp 18 deg, humidity 85%, wind S 7mph, barometer 1022mb, moon phase waxing crescent, DO 8.3 ppm,  Water temp 12.9 deg, PH 7.97, MV61

1st Kim Christie 43lb 7oz peg 18
2nd John Foster 20lb 15oz peg 12

Most just tipped back

Strange day with fish topping all over but would not feed till after 5pm,

Last weekend we had a water temperature of 10 deg and at the end of this week a water temperature of 18.2 deg massive swings for the fish to get used to.

Some excellent catches this week with Alan Bindwood catching seven koi, eight ghosties and twenty seven carp all on mussel and fed mussel on  peg 16aa  on Lookout

Anglers have enjoyed the good weather in Large  numbers, catches still best at dusk and dawn and silvers constant through the day

Bassetts fishing excellent with everyone catching good numbers and good sizes of carp being caught as well as ide to 3lb 10oz.