Croix Blanche Gets New Stock

Croix Blanche recently received a new batch of cracking carp from Michel Bigot’s reputed fish farm.  Fresh and early on January 22nd 2009, Laurent Bigot arrived at the lakes with a truck full of cracking carp.

In total 71 carp were introduced to the lakes, half in the Tortue and half in the Croix Blanche. All bar half a dozen of these fish were over 20lb, with the largest specimens weighing in at just under 27lb.

Here’s the statistics;
21 fish from 19lb to 21lb 7oz
50 fish from 22lb to 27lb (a dozen of which were over 25lb)

These fish are all young fast growing carp so they are expected to do well in the lakes this year. You can watch a video clip of the stocking on the Angling Lines Web site by clicking here.

Visit the Angling Lines Website for more information - or give them a call on 08712 004466 / 01246 857600

Croix Stocking

Croix Stocking