Silver Fish Bonanza

Dave Coster has won the 2008 Gloucester Park match with a record 56lb catch of Roach.

The competition, held at Gloucester Park Lake in Basildon, Essex, was the first of this year’s winter match series and this catch was enough to win on the partly frozen lake, also setting a new record for the biggest all-Roach bag to be taken on the venue in a competition.

Dave_Coster_689377246.jpgDave said:
“I caught the fish, which varied from 4ozs up to 1lb, using a prototype Greys pole and very fine tackle in the clear, cold water.

“All the fish were taken on a single caster, fishing seven metres out - with tiny fine wire size 20 hooks, tied to super thin 0.08mm traces.

“In order to keep the fish coming regularly (approximately one every 2.5 minutes for the duration of the competition) I fed two pints of casters over two areas, switching between them to maximise my catch potential.
This also required chasing the fish around, catching at full depth and off the bottom with lightly shotted float rigs.”