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“Biomimetic. Inspired by nature, perfected by Dunlop”

On the back of the success of Dunlop’s move into the fishing tackle market, comes the launch of the Dunlop biomimetic fishing rods. Already a market leader in the racket sport department, Dunlop has been able to apply the incredible technologies used on tennis and badminton rackets to their new fishing range, the result being a range of fantastic carbon rods at affordable prices.

The lead technology which has been applied is HM6 carbon. HM6 is inspired by one of the strongest most efficient structures in nature, Honeycomb. Its complex mass of hexagonal cells creates an incredible strong lightweight structure that’s up to 95%. Using new manufacturing processes, Dunlop has taken high modulus carbon fibres and engineered them into a hexagonal structure. The result being improved feel and control and decrease weight.

The full range, available at, includes the 7 and 9 foot Biomimetic spinning rods,  Biomimetic  12ft Carp rod available in 2 ½, 2 [ 3/4 ]& 3 ½ pound test curve rods, Biomimetic 13ft  waggler fishing  rod, Biomimetic 12ft feeder fishing rod and the Biomimetic 12ft twin tip Barbel rod.

To support the rod range is a Biomimetic range of fishing reels for all disciplines. Including rear drag match, freespool and Big Pit fishing reels.

Log on to to view these new carbon rods, along with a wide range of fishing tackle, bait, clothing and accessories- all for incredibly low prices.

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