Ebro Winter Carp Fishing Magic

This year the angling press has been full of stories of gigantic catfish being caught from the awesome River Ebro in Spain. Outstanding catches of these magnificent creatures are being made all the time but the Ebro is not just producing big cats. The river is now establishing a reputation for outstanding specimen carp to match that of the heyday of the St Lawrence River in North America.

The record for the St Lawrence stands at just over fifty pounds whereas the Ebro can boast fish to sixty three lbs. As yet the true potential for huge carp in the Ebro has yet to be fully realised. If it is quality and quantity you are looking for then the area round Riba Roja D’Ebre is the place to visit. As winter approaches so the emphasis on fishing switches from the cats to specimen carp fishing. From mid October through to May the fishing can only be described as awesome. Just one swim alone fished by anglers supported and advised by Ebro Valley Angling S.L. guides produced over 8000 lbs of carp in six weeks fishing last winter countless fish over thirty pounds, the biggest making 43lbs 6.oz. And those were just the fish landed. Unstoppable takes from much bigger fish which won the contest occurred frequently and these were definitely not catfish.

In just one 14 hour session with Ebro Valley Angling Nick Marsh and a friend landed over 50 fish including 6 over 30lbs and the majority being in the mid 20s. And the guides at Ebro Valley Angling know of many other fish holding areas which can produce similar results. The big advantage of the Ebro is that the weather is perfect for carp fishing during the months of October through to May and it is only a short 2 hour flight away from the UK. With the low cost airlines getting there can be ridiculously cheap during the winter.

With Ebro Valley Angling offering comfortable guest house accommodation, fully guided fishing inclusive of top quality tackle hire and airport pick up and return, it could be not be made easier for anglers to enjoy the amazing winter fishing that the Ebro can offer. The team at Ebro Valley Angling pull out all the stops to ensure that you have the fishing experience of a lifetime.

For further information visit their website http://www.ebrovalleyangling.com or call Andy on 0034 977 416570. You wont be disappointed. The magic of the Ebro will capture you!