5 companies have joined EFTTA in the last two months

Lake Resources Group Inc, based in Waunakee, USA are manufacturers of soft baits, lures and components.  The company is well known for their patent pending IRONCLAD, DURABRAID, CHAMBERLOCK, LOCKON and CLAD branded product technologies. Visit www.lakeresourcesgroup.com for more information about the company and their products.

Kryston Advanced Angling are based in the UK and are manufacturers and wholesalers of baits, lines and terminal tackle. Kryston are the inventors of the high strength specialist hook length and since 1989 have single handedly led the way in hook length design and technology.  Visit www.kryston.com for more information on the company and their products.

Zpey System AS are based in Norway and manufacture rods. Zpey System's globally patented technology incorporates a unique curved section on the lower part of the handle. This is a genuine innovation in the fly fishing rod market.  For more information about this company and their unique technology visit www.zpey.no

Luminasa Europe Ltd based in Warminster in the UK is manufacturers and wholesalers of lures, lights and light sticks. Luminasa are European distributors of Starlite Chemical Fishing Light Sticks and Lumica Glowing Safety and Novelty products and other accessories. For more information and to get in touch with the company visit www.luminasa.co.uk

Top Corner based in the UK are publishers of the exciting, soon to be launched Angling Trade International, a new global trade magazine for businesses who earn their living in the fishing tackle market. To find out more about this new magazine visit www.anglingtradeinternational.com

These 5 members bring the total EFTTA membership numbers up to 237.  If you would like more information about joining EFTTA and the membership benefits, please call Sally Steel on +44 20 7553 7903 or email sallysteel@eftta.com