Emperor Lakes Catch Report

It's fantastic to finally have anything to report after the recent atrocious weather which has kept many anglers at home, and we are back with a bang!

A fabulous haul for ACE Baits/Trapped Clothing consultant Chris Rampling from our Syndicate Lake  is without doubt the highlight of the week, and Chris was happy to share his tactics.... "After braving the recent snows without success, I opted to fish an area that gave access to a considerable amount of water with the deepest part of the lake within casting distance as I was sure that fish may have holed up in deeper spots. My current favourite bait is the Animal Orange from ACE Baits which has given proven results right through my winter campaign, so I was confident that if the fish were feeding, then I was sure to catch! After an hour, my pop up rigs had provided the odd line bite, so I knew fish were moving, and just an hour later, my alarm sounded and I was connected to a fish!  After a short tussle, I had my first carp in the net at 36lbs 12ozs! I had no further indications throughout the night, but my morning was to get very busy...... A  33lbs 13ozs carp soon followed the previous evenings cracker into the net, then a 27lbs 8ozs fish, then one of 27lbs 4ozs and finally another lump of 37lbs 3ozs! Three 30's and two 20's in the same 48 hour session is a fantastic result in anyone's book and I was especially pleased to take such stunning fish at Emperor Lakes!"

Owner David Lidstone commented "...our Syndicate will become a day ticket water from April 2013, and bookings are now being taken on 07814060147."

The Specimen Lake also has some big carp in too, and Steve Renyard's Contrast baits are doing well for anglers such as Chris Knotley who used the Azure variety to construct a snowman offering which tripped up a smashing 27lb fish. Callington angler Aaron Fisher had a smaller carp and then lost two further fish on zig rigs and other anglers are also reporting carp including Kelvin Pyke with a new personal best of 27lbs 4ozs who also added a sample at 17lbs.... both fish falling to Steve Renyards baits!

In other news, Aimee's Pool is giving up good mixed nets including roach to almost 2lbs to corn, maggots and bread baits and we are pleased to be able to confirm that work will recommence this week to increase the area of the pool by almost 200%.

Emperor Lakes are pleased to welcome Angler's Mail regular Gary Newman this week for a feature to be compiled on our predator water, so we are hoping for a great article in the national media soon! January has also seen Emperor Lakes feature in respected predator magazine 'Pike and Predator' as part of the popular 'Casting Around' slot which highlights day ticket pike lakes.

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Mirror Carp
Chris Rampling - 36lbs 12oz mirror

Mirror Carp
37lbs 3ozs for Chris Rampling