February Spoils for Coventry Consultant!

36 Year old Lee Wagner from the Coventry area braved some Baltic conditions during a 48 hour session at the stunning Kingsmead 1 on RK Leisure’s famous “Horton” Complex. Lee who is a consultant for some of UKs most well-known tackle and bait manufacturers, reeled in a very unusual catch for this time of year when most fish are laying dormant waiting for the spring sunshine and warmer temperatures.

Lee WagnerThe catch was topped by a stunning mirror carp known as the 'Posh Sutton' weighing a heavy 42lb. Lee also banked 3 other beautiful carp, all mirrors, weighing 18lb, 32lb 8oz and 35lb 10oz. Lee said ‘with no signs of fish activity visible, my tactic was to spend my time fishing 'off the barrow', using different swims to try to locate where the fish were hiding.’

Late during the first afternoon his hard work and clever tactics paid off in the shape of a fin perfect 18lb'er. He set up camp and in no time his bite alarms sprung into life and throughout the course of a freezing cold night's fishing he managed to snare the three biggest carp, all of which fell to the same tactics!

RK Leisure’s Kingsmead 1 is evolving into what must be one of the best “Big Fish” waters in the country and there’s definitely more to come in the future from this historic lake and complex!