‘A reel good design’: EA launches new fishing rod licence images

The Environment Agency (EA) has launched new fishing rod licence designs ahead of another popular fishing season.

The new images, designed by artist David Miller, are now available to all anglers looking to renew their licences and to newcomers who are looking to join the sport for the first time. The images this year celebrate some of our most iconic species. The salmon and sea trout licence depicts a vibrant sea trout. A striking golden rudd is depicted on the 2-rod coarse and trout licence and a mighty stalking pike now features on 3-rod coarse and trout licences.

Last summer, the Environment Agency launched a campaign to highlight how fishing offers a fun, healthy and safe way to spend time outdoors and reconnect with nature as well as make use of the known wellbeing benefits of the activity. The Environment Agency is hopeful that the trend is set to continue in 2021 as the public are encouraged to see their licence not only a right to fish but as a licence to chill, a licence to connect with nature, and much more.

Kevin Austin, Deputy Director Agriculture, Fisheries and the Natural Environment at the Environment Agency said:

“We are so pleased with David’s beautiful designs for this year’s rod licences. The income we receive from licence sales allows us to invest in fisheries and carry out vital improvements to protect and enhance our much-loved fish populations.

“We hope David’s designs encourage even more people to take up fishing and recognise the beauty of our natural environment and fish species.”

Rod licence income is funded directly back into the Environment Agency’s fisheries service across England and is crucial for the EA’s continued investment in fisheries improvement projects, supporting healthy fish stocks as well as improvements to angling services. Rod licence income has also allowed the EA to deliver and invest in vital projects with partners dedicated to opening up rivers for migratory and coarse fish.

This includes a flagship collaborative project, DNAire, which will open up over 60km of the river Aire for the first time in 150 years. The installation of fish and eel passes at: Armley, Kirkstall, Newlay and Saltaire are key to this project. It is set to also provide placements for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) undergraduates and construction trainees alongside an environmental conservation apprenticeship to help young people secure employment across the sector.

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