A Hardy Marquis 9ft 7wt fly rod has potentially landed the largest Croatian Carp caught on a fly rod. The 20kg Carp was caught by Zdravko Savor (a field tester for Croatian distributor T P Olivari d.o.o.) whilst fishing on Lake Rakitje, Zagreb.

Caught whilst fishing using a Wapsi ‘Egg Yarn’ fly pattern just below the surface of the water Zdravko said;

Zdravko Savor“What a day! I saw a big shadow swimming slowly near the surface, and I tried few times to cast my fly in front of it. Finally the fish took the fly and after 10 minutes of fight I managed to land it. The 20kg Carp is likely to be the first 20kg+ Carp caught on fly rod in Croatia.”

Zdravko was also using a floating Hardy DT 6wt line.

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