Glacier Glove launches Fighting-Stripping glove

Glacier Glove launches Fighting-Stripping glove for fishermen and big game anglers

  • New Dr. Shade Fighting-Stripping gloves combat harmful UV rays
  • And provide protection when handling fishing lines and big fish
  • Glacier Glove, the leading manufacturer of outdoor sports hats, caps and gloves, has launched a new Fighting-Stripping glove designed especially with the fishing market in mind. The new glove has been specifically designed to provide protection from cuts and abrasions caused by fishing. Like all Dr. Shade products it protects anglers' hands from the sun's harmful UV rays in line with recommendations set by the American Cancer Association.

    The unique gloves are made from comfortable knit cotton Lycra with stylish, synthetic leather palms to protect anglers' hands from abrasions and cuts that often occur when handling and fighting big fish. The index finger and thumb are re-enforced with synthetic leather to protect the wearer when they come into contact with fishing lines and reels. The fingerless design enables the wearer to have full dexterity which is essential for fly fishermen and big game anglers.

    The gloves come in a range of sizes and include a flexible but secure wrist strap which allows the wearer to adjust the fit and holds the glove securely in place. Along with fishing, the gloves are particularly suited for poling flat skiffs and rowing small boats.

    The new gloves are the latest in a wide range of products launched by Glacier Glove in the Dr. Shade collection. The range features over 20 products all made from fabrics which have been tested in independent laboratories to verify they provide sun protection from UPF/SPF 15 to UPF/SPF 50 - the range of protection recommended by the American Cancer Association.

    "The Fighting-Stripping glove has been designed as an all-round multi-purpose item that should be on every fisherman's wish list," commented Dick Swan, Glacier Glove President and CEO. "Our gloves are designed by fellow anglers who really do understand the needs of fisherman. They provide vital sun protection without comprising either practicality or style," added Dick.

    The latest Dr. Shade gloves are now available at fishing tackle shops and outdoor sports stores globally and throughout the US including Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's, The Sports Authority, Sportsman's Warehouse and Magellan's travel store, or online from