Goldenloch Fishing Report

Running a fishery whether it be owned or not never has a dull moment, if its not weed or wind, its algae or overbooking, but at the Goldenloch these last few weeks its been really quiet, mostly due to Fife Council this time, they have closed one of the main roads, a bridge repair being the culprit. Coming from Glenrothes or anywhere South of here that would be the route anglers would use to get here, and the diversion is crazy, but that’s not really been our biggest problem, for a while now, its been pretty apparent that the fishing has been really quite hard. Irrespective of how many fish we are introducing into the loch, anglers are all still catching fish, but the ratio of fish being put in to fish being removed is out of phase. We have been running this place for 25+ years, and we know that there is a direct link between the numbers of fish being caught on a weekly average, the number of anglers fishing and the amount of fish we have in the water. We also know that there is a huge amount of invertebrates in the water and, as we have been pulling out the weeds these last few days, we can see the massive amount of insects the fish have to feed on, but that’s still not the cause of the fishing being quite tricky; this time, it is another factor and we believe that it is one that has been introduced by some friendly public do gooders... we have a family of otters moved in, or rather has been relocated by some public funded organisation, a bit like the Sea Eagles that spend their days above us getting the S**T kicked out of them by the Buzzards, who indecently over the last few years have totally wiped out all the small birds in North Fife.


We have nothing here now, bird watchers no longer come out to the countryside to tweet or twitch, whatever it is that they do, they just go round the corner, to somewhere avenue or somewhere crescent, that’s where all the wildlife is.  It's because birds are not daft; if people are going to buy bird food in Tescos and put it in the garden, eventually all the birds will end up there. So, for all you birdie people, please remember that the cormorants need at least 3 fresh rainbows each, every day and you may get up to 10 at a time so tell you fishmonger you will need a special price,  and also by chance in the summer you may get an Osprey or two so you will need some bigger ones for them,  and as they never seem to get the first ones they attack, make sure that you have plenty of spares. Back to the Otters; to date, we have not found the den, but all the evidence is there that we have a few of them but I will inform all through my weekly blogs.

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