Disabled Angling Club Seeks Tackle Donations

Dave Smith has been in touch with Anglers Net in order to raise awareness for Hook Line and Sinker Disabled Angling Club in Monmouth, south Wales.

The club enables people with Special needs and disabilities to fish in the locality of Monmouth, and offers people with special needs and physical disabilities a chance to fish local waters and interact with the local community

This project encourages self-confidence, self esteem and sensory movement for people with special needs, and Dave informs us that you only have to see the smiles on the faces of those who participate in order to know how much enjoyment they receive from angling.

Hook Line and Sinker are presently looking for funding and sponsorship to raise £500, which will enable them to purchase new rods, reels and fishing equipment. If anybody can help with donations or tackle, please contact Dave smith on: 01600715638 or email: