HOT News from the IGFA – July 2008

Collins wins third IGFA Inshore World Championship

 Catches 13 fish among 5 species in prestigious tournament of champions


            Just two months ago he was a member of a five-man team of anglers making a dynamic charge from fourth place to the lead on the final day of IGFA Offshore World Championship in Mexico.  Then in early July, in Islamorada, Fla., USA, Robert Collins won the IGFA Inshore World Championship while defending his Grand Champion title accumulating the most points for five targeted species. 

            It was his third championship title in the eight years of the celebrated inshore competition.

“Two world championships within two months, I’m speechless,” smiled Collins. “It was a real nail biter right up to the end, just like in Cabo San Lucas.”

            The International Game Fish Association’s celebrated catch-and-release tournament is dubbed the “super bowl of inshore fishing,” as 32 anglers from around the world stalked the Florida Bay waters for bonefish, tarpon, permit, snook and redfish.

“Robert Collins is on fishing steroids,” remarked Florida Keys broadcaster Bill Kelly to his WKEZ-FM radio audience. “He’s amazing with any type of rod and reel in his hands.”

            Sandy Moret of Florida Keys Outfitters, who will be taking over the management of the inshore tournament next year agreed adding “when you’re hot, it can carry over into the next tournament.  He’s amazing.”

Collins, of Islamorada and Naples, was chasing Day 2 leader and former champ Joe “Pepe” Lopez, Coral Gables, Fla. in the final round. On Day 3 Collins was hoping to catch two bonefish, a snook and a permit to complete two slams of fish to go with earlier catches of nine fish.

            In turn Lopez, who won the title in 2006, had completed one slam and needed just two fish -- a snook and a permit -- to collect his second slam in the three-day event.  He fell short by catching a snook early, but like all the anglers suffered with overcast skies searching for the permit. 

“I was hoping to get the remaining species we need to pull together two slams,” said Collins, who was guided by Capt. Mark Gilman, Islamorada. Collins who first won the tournament in 2005 caught a snook early and then two bonefish and a redfish but was also a permit shy of his second slam. He scored 1250 points on his 13 fish using both bait and artificial along with circle hooks for added points    

            Lopez won both runner-up grand champion and the bait division title with his slam and four fish for 950 total points.

            Mark Cooper, Aurora, Colo., won the fly division on releases of a redfish, a tarpon and three snook. The former NFL lineman for the Denver Broncos and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers totaled 775 points while going scoreless the final day.

First day leader John Timura, Islamorada, bounced back in the final round to win the artificial division on catches of redfish, snook and permit over the three days.  Timura was Collins’ teammate in Mexico the IGFA Offshore World Championship out fishing 63 teams from 27 countries.

            Capt. Mike Hutchinsson, Miami Springs, Fla. was named the top captain by scoring the most points in guiding Timura, Rich Gorden, Brooksville, Fla. and Johann Pettersson of Ornskoldsvik, Sweden in their rounds over the three days.

            IGFA Tournament director Mike Myatt said the 32 anglers gained entry winning one of over 55 fly and light tackle IGFA qualifying tournaments in 2007 held in eight countries around the world representing nearly 3,000 anglers on four continents. The “tournament of champions” had 15 first time invitees including the anglers from Sweden, Uganda, Africa and Darwin, Australia.

The anglers fished with a different guide each of the three days based on a drawing. The point value of the fish was determined by species and angler’s fishing preference. 

The top anglers received timepieces in the prestige tournament with trophies and merchandise going to the second and third place divisional winners and to the top three guides.

Sponsors this year include Mercury Outboards,  Bacardi, Costa Del Mar, G. Loomis, Hook and Tackle, Islamorada Fish Co., Islander Resort, King Sailfish Mounts, Rapala, Shimano, Stiffy Push Poles, 3M Scientific Anglers, Reel Life Art by Pasta, World Wide Sportsman, Zane Grey Lounge, KD & G Sea Life Masterpieces, Redbone Gallery, Image Graphics 2000, Momoi, Diamond Illusion and  Daiichi.

Moret has formed a partnership with the IGFA to take over the management of the celebrated tournament to begin its ninth year.

“I witnessed a pretty spectacular finish with eight or nine anglers very much in contention entering the final day,” said Moret. “With the foundation that the IGFA has put together over these eight years we can grow it even more with top fly and light tackle anglers worldwide.”

  The Florida Keys Outfitters/IGFA Inshore World Championship is scheduled for July 7-9, 2009. For tournament qualifying or sponsorship information contact Moret at 305-664-5423 or via e-mail at .

            For the complete news release please go to the IGFA web site’s home page at or to  




June 30 – July 2, 2008Islamorada, Fla., U.S.A.



            Robert Collins, Islamorada, Fla., 1250 pts


            Joe “Pepe” Lopez, Coral Gables, Fla., 950 pts


            1st       Mark Cooper, Aurora, Colo., 775 pts

            2nd      Linda Denkert, Tavernier, Fla., 725 pts

            3rd      Cal Collier, Jr., Atlanta, Ga., 650 pts


            1st       Joe “Pepe” Lopez, Coral Gables, Fla., 950 pts

            2nd      Troy Pruitt, Naples, Fla., 725 pts

            3rd      Greg Zaepfel, Buffalo, N.Y. 675 pts


            1st       John Timura, Islamorada, Fla., 1,100 pts  

            2nd      Stephanie Parsons, Naples, Fla., 900 pts

            3rd      Rich Gorden, Brooksville, Fla. 750 pts


            1st       Capt. Mike Hutchisson, Miami Springs, Fla., 1,825 pts

            2nd      Capt. Dave Denkert, Tavernier, Fla. 1,500 pts

            3rd      Steve Thomas, Islamorada, Fla., 1,500 pts



IGFA World Championships change to new managements


After nearly a decade of creating two of sport fishing’s best known world class tournaments, the IGFA has officially passed the management batons of its inshore and offshore competitions to new hands.          

Under the direction of Sandy Moret, Florida Keys Outfitters in Islamorada, Fla., USA will now run the 2009 Florida Keys Outfitters/IGFA Inshore World Championship.

“Fly fishing and light tackle fishing are uniquely different forms of sport fishing,” said Moret.  “IGFA regulations and many historically cherished angling traditions maintain a clear cut difference between the two.

The basic premise in all conventional light tackle angling is that the weight of the bait or lure takes the line from the reel. In fly fishing it’s that the weight of the fly line pulls the fly through the air. Their angling similarity primarily ends there with the exception they share the same playing field.

In order to recognize the difference of skills, technique and expertise required to be a master of either sport, we will recognize and award equally coveted awards to the FKO/IGFA Inshore World Champion Light Tackle Angler and the FKO/IGFA Inshore World Champion Fly Fishing Angler.

“Winning a fly fishing qualifying event, you’ll be invited into the fly division and the same if you won in a light tackle event. Each division will have a champion.”

The IGFA will continue to hold its auction as a continuing fund raising effort.

“We’ll have more to announce in the coming months as we add more qualifying events to the 55 presently around the world,” said Moret. “I believe this new format will create a fair, fun, and exciting high level of competition. We’ll have the ‘best of the best’ as anglers and guides come together utilizing these unique angling styles plus their natural skills and abilities.”

The 2009 tournament is scheduled for July 7 – 9.

In turn the IGFA’s Offshore World Championship stands to grow even larger, thanks to a recently announced partnership with the Bonnier Marine Group.

            The championship, which began in 2000, has grown into the sport’s premiere offshore fishing series with presently 130 qualifying tournaments in over 38 countries. To be invited to this prestigious event, teams must win one of those tournaments located around the world.

“The Offshore World Championship has representatives from more countries than any other fishing tournament in the world,” said IGFA President Rob Kramer.  

Bonnier will take on the management side of the championship starting with the 2009 event and is already adding more qualifying events. The IGFA will remain the championship’s sole nonprofit benefactor. A fundraiser and auction for the IGFA will be held at the championship and Bonnier will make a charitable donation to the IGFA following each year’s event.

The championship will continue to use the first-class amenities and boats of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, as its host location.

Bonnier, publisher of recreational boating and fishing’s most respected and well-known titles such as Marlin, Sport Fishing and Salt Water Sportsman, currently produces fishing tournaments in Bermuda, Mexico and the U.S. Bonnier will support the championship by providing advertising space in its magazines, creating a dedicated World Offshore Championship website and televising the championship on its Sport Fishing Magazine TV show aired on Versus.



 Hot Catches for July from the IGFA World Records Department


The International Game Fish Association provides monthly highlights of selected documented fish catches made from across the globe submitted for world records. Rebecca Wright the IGFA’s world records coordinator provided the following information on these 11 recent submissions now before the world records review committee.


Japanese angler Noboru Shinagawa, of Oki-Gun, Shmane, landed an olive flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) on March 16, weighing 14.5 kg (31 lb 15 oz) for a potential IGFA All-Tackle record. Shinagawa was fishing Okinoshima, Japan using a Japanese jack mackerel for bait. The current record is 25 lb 2 oz caught two years ago in Jogashima Kanagawa, Japan.  (Photo - olive flounder - 08050060)


Using smelt as bait while fishing Canada’s Lake Deifenbaker, Sean Konrad, Saskatoon, SK, landed a burbot (Lota lota) on March 22, weighing 8.65 kg (19 lb 1 oz) for a pending record
in the IGFA All-Tackle class. The current record is 18 lb 11 oz caught in Oct. 1996 in
Angenmanalren, Sweden. (Photo – burbot - 08050080A)


The same Lake Deifenbaker may produce another record for a catch made May 20 by Aaron Wiebe, Howden, MB, Canada, who landed a rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). It took Wiebe nine minutes to land using a night crawler for bait on 6 kg (12 lb) class line. The fish weighed 16.27 kg (35 lb 14 oz). The current record is 33 lb 6 oz pulled from the same lake July 2006. (Photo – rainbow trout - 08060013)


Another body of water holding records is Nevada’s (USA) Pyramid Lake where Marvin Green, Porterville, Calif., USA, was fly fishing and landed a cutthroat trout, (Oncorhynchus clarki) on April 21. Caught with a whooly bugger using 6 kg (12 lb) tippet the fish weighed 5.02kg (11 lb 1 oz).  It took green 12 minutes to land. The current IGFA fly record is 10 lb 0 oz from the same lake in Feb. 1990. Pyramid holds six of the seven tippet records for the species.  (Photo – cutthroat trout - 08060010)


Botswana angler Bill Staveley, of Gaborone, fishing local waters landed a sharptooth catfish, (Clarias gariepinus) on May 2, weighing 4.31 kg (9 lb 8 oz).  He was using 10 kg (20 lb) class line and a worm for bait. Staveley holds four current records and may have a fifth for the species. The current line class mark is 3 lb 2 oz taken from Botswana’s Notwane Dam, in April of 2003. (Photo - sharptooth catfish - 08050084)


An experience he’ll treasure for a lifetime and a possible world record to prove it was Sean Mendonoca’s catch of a 403.7 kg (890 lb 0 oz) Atlantic blue marlin (Makaira nigricans). Fishing his home West Indies waters off Trinidad and Tobago, the junior angler from Westmoorings, Trinidad, guided by Moe Lloyd, landed the billfish on April 5 after a one hour 25 minute fight using a plug with flying fish for bait. The current men’s junior class record is 815 lb 11 oz, caught off Funchal, Maderia, Portugal in August 1997. (Photo – Atlantic blue marlin - 08050086)


While fishing Zancudo, Costa Rica, and guided by John Olson,  Cedar Park, Texas USA angler Karrie A. Ables, landed a star studded grouper (Epinephilus nipholbles) on March 8, weighing 11.34 kg (25 lb 0 oz).  She was using cut squid for bait and fought the fish for 20 minutes for what could be a potential IGFA All-Tackle class record. The current record of 21 lb 0 oz was caught last year in the same Costa Rican waters. (Photo - star studded grouper -- 08050095) 


A potential IGFA All-Tackle class record is being considered for a queen snapper (Etelis oculatus) that Christopher B. Cortez, Wellington, Fla., USA, landed on May 11, weighing 6.97 kg (15 lb 6 oz). Cortez was guided by J. D. Ferrin, using a Williamson Benthos Speed jig for bait while fishing off Long Key, Florida. The current IGFA record for the species was set in March 2006, weighing 14 lb, 0 oz, off Key Largo, Fla. (Photo – queen snapper -- 08060006)


They’re also known as a common sea trout, a grey trout or a summer trout but for one young angler the weakfish (Cynoscion regalis) he caught could be a new record. Fishing Great Kills, New York, USA, Michael Byrne, of Staten Island, N.Y., guided by Steve M. Byrne, landed one weighing 6.58 kg (14 lb 8 oz) on May 26, using a Bucktail with a pork rind for bait. The current IGFA record in the boy’s smallfry division is 11 lb 15 oz, caught in Barnegat Bay, N.J. May, 2005.  (Photo – weakfish -- 08060009)


In his quest for another yellow bullhead (Ameiurus natalis) record Roger Aziz Jr., Methuen, Mass., USA, landed the species on May 25, weighing 2.83 kg (6 lb 4 oz) on 3 kg (6 lb) class line. He used a sunfish for bait, fishing nearby Forrest Lake. The current record, over 30 years old is 3 lb 0 oz caught on Wisconsin’s Nelson Lake, May 1977. Aziz already holds records for the species in the 8 and 12 lb line classes. (Photo – yellow bullhead – 08060014)


If approved a recent catch of a silver eye (Polymixia Japonica) will be a new addition to the All-Tackle Species section of the IGFA World Record Game Fishes book. While fishing Oshima, Japan, and using cut squid for bait, Kenji Kaneshin, of Koto-Ku Tokyo, guided by Hiroyuki Maruyama, landed the fish on May 18 weighing 1.3 kg (2 lb 13 oz) cut squid for bait,. (Photo – silver eye – 08060015)



Hall of Fames’ Kreh is back at it

            In the May issue of IGFA Hot News we reported about the freak accident Lefty Kreh had in February while giving a fly-casting demo in Tampa, Fla., falling from a platform and contacting all his weight on his knee, tearing the kneecap completely free. Doctors surgically reattached the cap and sutured the tendons and muscles.

Despite the accident the IGFA International Fishing Hall of Famer is back conducting the masses with his fly rod. 

“I’m down to using one crutch,” Lefty responded to Hot News, “and if I get the thigh muscle stronger that they cut deeply to do repairs, I should be able to discard it in late July or August.  That's five to six months after the accident!”

Fly Fishing in Saltwaters editor Mike Mazur highlighted Kreh’s comeback in the July/August issue of the magazine as Capt. Jim Freda captured photos of the always affable and popular fly-fishing educator and writer conducting a seminar.

             Though he sat wearing a Velcro splint it didn’t impede his lively seminar in New Jersey.  



From the IGFA -- Did You Know?

  • The closest relatives of tarpon are bonefish, ladyfish and eels
  • Common snook begin their lives as males and then switch sexes to females at a larger size
  • Gag grouper begin their lives as females and then switch sexes to males at a larger size
  • Bluefin tuna can maintain core body temperatures as high  17-33 º C
  • 473 marlin were caught and released during the 2006 Rolex/IGFA Offshore Championship over four days in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico



IGFA Education News:

Junior Angler Summer Camps in full swing through mid-August


The excitement of the campers’ youthful voices as they discovered new things in the marine world echoed through the IGFA’s museum bringing smiles to the faces of adult visitors.

Nothing beats the IGFA’s weekly Junior Angler Summer Camps for hands-on activities and fun for youngsters.

             Now in its ninth year and held at the IGFA International Fishing Hall of Fame in Dania Beach, Fla., the association is midway through its nine weeklong summer camp adventures for children ages 8 – 13. Some openings are still available as the camps continue through August 15th.  < /span>

            These camps give children the opportunity to have fun while being educated on local habitats and ethical practices, said Education Director Dave Matagiese. “During each week-long experience, campers discover the importance of the different fresh and salt water habitats for sport fishing. “

            Each week the campers also spend time in the museum learning about fishing techniques, conservation, the Everglades, marine biology, tying flies & jigs, and participating in simulated fishing tournaments.

The field trips take the campers on a variety of fresh and salt water adventures: drift boat, pier and shore fishing, wetlands exploration and much more. Matagiese says every Friday the campers have been fishing out of Miami, and finding their fair share of grunts, snappers and grouper.

            The IGFA museum also hosts children from other camps for their field trips along with school groups for hands-on lab programs as well as Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups earning merit badges.

            For much more information, please call 954-924-4309, email, or visit



Family Fishing Clinic a success


            Mercury Marine and the IGFA recently hosted a Family Fishing Clinic at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum.

IGFA Education Director Dave Matagiese said the Mercury Marine Pro Team was on site to teach kids young and old about the great sport of fishing and what it takes to land monster fish.

“We had over 300 kids and their families come to the event where they learned about outboard maintenance, proper casting techniques and how to throw a cast net,” said Matagiese. 

He said the IGFA plans to hold other Family Fishing Clinics with Mercury Marine in the future so check the website for updates.



IGFA and FFWCC hosting free Boaters Safety Course in August


            If you’re new to boating or would like for you and members of your family to be safer boaters, a free class is being offered at the IGFA International Fishing Hall of Fame.

            The IGFA and the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission are teaming together to host the next free Boaters Safety Course beginning on Saturday, August 2 at the IGFA in Dania Beach, Fla.

            One other additional class will be offered in the fall on November 8.

            The day class begins at 8 a.m. and lasts till 4 p.m.

            Taught by the law enforcement division of the FFWCC, this course meets the mandatory boating safety education requirements for the State of Florida. 

            The class is comprised of a six chapter review and a final exam and is limited to 16 people with advance registration.    

            For more information and to register, please call Joanie Tomlin at the IGFA at 954-924-4312 or email her at  


Artist Tinomana Vachot to Exhibit in IGFA’s Art Gallery

            A new style of art will decorate the walls the IGFA Art Gallery beginning in September as Tahitian artist Tinomana Vachot combines the traditional art of the Marquesas, Tuamotu and Hawaiian Islands societies, with his intricate designs capturing the beauty, spirit and culture of the Polynesian Triangle Paradise. 

Pictured is “Haura Tatau,” a one-of-a-kind piece done on tapa bark cloth which is created through a labor-intensive process that has been passed from generation to generation.  The Yakka wood frame and woven Lauhala mat complete – and compliment -- Vachot’s unique work of art.  The show opens September 2008.



Calendar of future IGFA events


Now through September 2008 – Sharkwater, award-winning feature length film and exhibition, IGFA International Fishing Hall of Fame, Dania Beach, Fla. USA – Extended through September due to popular demand, the much-acclaimed 90-minute documentary film, winner of 19 international awards, is being shown four times daily on Saturdays at 10:15 a.m., noon, 1:45 p.m., and 3:30 p.m. and Sunday’s at noon, 1:45 p.m., and 3:30 p.m. On weekdays it’s shown at 3:30 p.m.  An interactive and educational exhibition based around shark conservation is also featured in the Museum's Changing Gallery. Monthly lectures featuring local and national shark experts are also scheduled.  The IGFA International Fishing Hall of Fame is located at 300 Gulf Stream Way, off I-95 in Dania Beach next to Bass Pro Shops.  The hall is open daily from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday – Saturday and from noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday. Admission is free to IGFA members.  Guest fees are $6 for adults and $5 for seniors and children ages 3 - 16. For more information phone the IGFA at 954-924-4370.



Now through Aug 15, 2008 -- IGFA’s nine weekly Summer Camps begin, IGFA International Fishing Hall of Fame, Dania Beach, Fla. USA – This is the ninth year of the IGFA’s popular nine weekly camps held during the summer break for children ages 8 to 13. Campers will explore the aquatic environment and participate in many fishing adventures and exciting marine life activities. Each week-long camp session is held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Before and after-care is available from 8 - 9 a.m. and 4 - 6 p.m. Pre-registration is required. For more information, go to the IGFA summer camp website at There’s a maximum of 45 children per week, so parents are encouraged to reserve early. Registration is available by calling the IGFA education department at 954-924-4309 or via email at



July 19, 2008 -- IGFA Observer Training Class – IGFA International Fishing Hall of Fame, Dania Beach, Fla. USA. -- 9 a.m. –  The class trains experienced anglers, boat captains and crew members as observers for fishing tournaments held around the world. The course includes species Identification, IGFA saltwater fishing rules & regulations, safety at sea and boating etiquette. The IGFA OTC applications are available at the IGFA website, and at the IGFA headquarters. Pre-registration is required and the $150 fee covers the cost of the training class, course materials, and a one-year membership in the IGFA. For additional information, please contact Jason Schratwieser at 954-924-4320 or via email:



August 2, 2008 -- Boaters Safety Course, IGFA International Fishing Hall of Fame, Dania Beach, Fla., USA.8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. This free all day course is taught by the Law Enforcement division of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and meets the mandatory boating safety education requirements for the State of Florida.  It’s comprised of a six chapter review and a final exam. The class is limited to 16 people with advance registration.  For more information and to register, please call Joanie Tomlin at the IGFA at 954-924-4312 or email her at  



October 25, 2008 -- The 10th Annual IGFA International Fishing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, IGFA International Fishing Hall of Fame, Dania Beach, Fla., USA -- This year’s event will be the highlight of a weekend-long (Friday, Oct. 24 – Sunday, Oct. 26) celebration in honor of all 70 members and the newest five inductees of the IGFA International Fishing Hall of Fame. This year’s inductees include Henry Chee, Dr. Roy Dean, Jimmy Houston, Kay Rybovich and Karl Wickstrom. They were selected for the important contributions they have made to the sport of fishing through angling achievements, literature, the arts, science, education, invention, communication or administration of fishery resources. The evening includes a cocktail reception, silent auction, the induction ceremony for the 2008 class and dinner. Tickets are $200. For reservation information please contact Ms. Lesley Arico at 954-924-4222 or



November 8, 2008 -- Boaters Safety Course, IGFA International Fishing Hall of Fame, Dania Beach, Fla., USA.8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. This free all day course is taught by the Law Enforcement division of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and meets the mandatory boating safety education requirements for the State of Florida.  It’s comprised of a six chapter review and a final exam. The class is limited to 16 people with advance registration.  For more information and to register, please call Joanie Tomlin at the IGFA at 954-924-4312 or email her at  



November 10 – 13, 2008The Fifth World Recreational Fishing Conference, IGFA International Fishing Hall of Fame, Dania Beach, Fla., USA --Representatives from around the globe will be hosted by the IGFA at an international forum for the recreational fishing community. The conference will target the tackle industry, angling tourism and include representatives from non governmental organizations and fisheries science and management. Topics will include historical and recent trends in participation, emerging fisheries, recreational fisheries science and management, socioeconomics, and catch and release.  For information on the conference or sponsorship opportunities, visit or contact IGFA Conservation Director Jason Schratwieser at 954-924-4320 or