Make The Great Outdoors Even Greater With INSECTISHIELD®

From camping to canoeing, trekking to mountain biking, it’s always great getting back to nature and enjoying everything that the outdoors has to offer - incredible views, fresh air, “the peace and quiet”. Unfortunately, while that’s all well and good, more often than not, it is also accompanied with the irritation of mosquito or other nasty biting insects. Fortunately help is now at hand, in the handy form of INSECTISHIELD®.

Originally developed to protect the New Zealand and NATO armed forces in the southern hemisphere, INSECTISHIELD® insect repellent is now available to buy at


First and foremost – it contains DEET. DEET is the only insect repellent recommended by the World Health Organisation to prevent bites from mosquitoes, midges and other horrible biting insects. All the products in the INSECTISHIELD® range contain at least 30% DEET – so you can be sure it works! INSECTISHIELD® also contains lavender oil – nature’s natural repellent – which has the added benefit of generally making the product pleasant to use.

Not only does it smell good, but INSECTISHIELD® has also been made using a non-greasy formula which will give effective protection for up to 6 hours, whether you’re at home in the UK or somewhere more exotic or tropical.

INSECTISHIELD® is now available in 3 handy to carry formats – spray, roll-on or stick - so it’s easy to apply the amount you need – when and where you need it most.

Insectishield® SprayInsectishield® Spray 60ml £6.15
INSECTISHIELD® spray is the perfect application method for large areas of uncovered skin, or an all over application when needed!


Insectishield® StickInsectishield® Stick 30g £5.10
INSECTISHIELD® Stick is the perfect for small areas of your skin which are left uncovered.


 Insectishield® Roll-OnInsectishield® Roll-On 60ml £6.15
INSECTISHIELD® Roll-On is great for larger areas of your skin which are left uncovered but still offering a precise application.

INSECTISHIELD® -You’ll love it because insects hate it.