Fish go up the property ladder

Thousands of perch, roach and rudd are today (Monday) enjoying life in a new and larger home, thanks to an Environment Agency project to get more people fishing.

The fish, which have been taken from a private pond in Sandholme were caught and chauffeur-driven by Environment Agency officers to a new purpose-built lake in East Yorkshire that will be used to help people learn how to fish.

Pete Turner of the Environment Agency said: "Kingfisher Pond at Brough is set to be a great angling venue, with new fishing platforms, paths, car parks, and with the help of local angling coaches it'll be the ideal place to learn. All that was missing was the fish, now thanks to this huge ‘fish takeaway' we now have those as well!

"Fishing has proved effective in tackling anti-social behaviour, social exclusion and youth offending, and is enjoyed by millions throughout England and Wales. That's why we are trying to get more people involved in the sport."

The massive ‘fish takeaway' involved:

•150lbs of fish, including an 18lb carp, being caught in a huge 80 metre net

•the perch, rudd and roach being chauffeur-driven to their new home 10 miles away

•thousands of fish released into a brand new one-acre home

Kingfisher Pond at Brough is part of a scheme run by Hull and District Anglers Association (HDAA) and funded by a £10,000 donation from the Environment Agency, to transform it into a coaching venue. The money has been used to pay for new access to the site, disabled facilities, angling platforms and the training of coaches.

"The new fishing platforms are located inside the horseshoe-shaped pond at Brough, which will mean greater access to the water in a safe environment. By setting up this new fishery we expect at least 100 new anglers in the next year. Last year we invested £29 million in fisheries on projects similar to this," added Pete.