Cutting Edge Technology Triggers Fishing Frenzy

RMR Industries has just released the "Saltwater Formula" of their popular, Kevin VanDam's Line and Lure – Line Conditioner. The line conditioner is applied to your fishing line with a simple spray. Once applied, it increases your casting distance by up to 30% and works on any kind of line, including fluoro-carbon, braid and fly line. The freshwater version of RMR's Line Conditioner was co-developed by Pro Bass Fisherman Kevin VanDam and has proven itself in the ranks of the pro circuit as it is used in competition by many of the top rated professional anglers. Line and Lure Saltwater Formula is already used on the Redfish and Kingfish Pro Tours and is being praised by such notable anglers as: Capt. Pier Milito, The Watts Brothers, Dr. Tommy Lomonte and Capt. Bill Platt.

"The saltwater angling world found out how well Line & Lure Conditioner worked in their environment about a year ago." explained Rob Faddis, President of RMR Industries continuing, "The Saltwater version took more time to research and develop because of the complexities of the saltwater environment. "

RMR Industries' chemist Isaac Moore stated, "Line and Lure Saltwater Formula not only allows you to cast up to 30% farther, but also greatly reduces line memory which in turn makes your casting more accurate. All this adds up to anglers catching more fish, more consistently." Adding, "Line and Lure Saltwater Formula also protects your fishing line and equipment from UV radiation and salt corrosion. The hi-tech polymers in Line and Lure's "super slick" formulation protects your fishing line from abrasion and therefore, keeps your line in "like new condition " much longer allowing the line to retain its original strength and softness. The last thing you want to happen is for your line to break because of deterioration or friction damage, resulting in another fish story of how "the big one got away".

Line and Lure Saltwater Formula is available at most sporting goods and tackle stores around the USA. You can also purchase online at: or by calling toll-free (in the States) 1-877-221-9797.

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