Rejoice Christmas Shopping With 15% Off All Stock At Orvis


On the back of Alastair Darling’s recent VAT-lowering announcement, Orvis has decided to scrap VAT altogether in the run up to Christmas, 2008.

From London to Loynton, Bath to Banchory, no VAT-zones will effectively reduce everything by 15% across all of their 22 full-price stores nationwide.

Michael Edwards, CEO of Orvis, said:
"t is our aim to confront consumer woes in the run up to Christmas and help take the pressure off shoppers by relieving them of the VAT-burden. Orvis always puts its customers first, maintaining its reputation for first-class customer service.”

The retailer has already made life easier by employing expert staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience in tackle, fly-fishing travel and specialist shooting clothing, allowing you to buy with confidence.

Orvis will not disappoint those looking for a unique and exciting gift for Christmas. They have an impressive selection of outdoor equipment and clothing for the winter season, such as their excellent range of cardigans, jumpers and winter coats. For the specialist, the retailer offers a fine selection of quality fly-fishing tackle, shooting clothing and accessories.

So come and enjoy Christmas shopping with an added discount at an Orvis near you!

To view the Orvis website, please click here. Please note, however, that the above offer applies to their shops, not their website.