New Polaroid sunglass range combines designer style and great practical features to ensure a great catch

Polaroid, inventors of the original polarized lens, has launched a range of high performance sunglasses that cut through water glare, giving clear sharp, vision deep into the water, for better fishing.

Performance and good looks
Polaroid has been making polarized sunglass lenses since the 1930s and remains a pioneer in polarized lens technology.  This innovative new range brings together fashion styling with the latest sun lens technology to deliver unsurpassed anti-glare capability for all types of fishing, as well as other sports including skiing, sailing and golfing plus outdoor family activities.  Polaroid sunglasses improve vision in low winter sun and also high summer sunshine making them ideal for driving, as well as fishing.

The new Polaroid range combines must-have designer style with a host of practical features:
• 99% glarefree polarized lens
• scratch-resistance to withstand everyday wear
• robust, yet lightweight for long term wearer comfort
• 100% UV protection that exceeds international standards 
• shock absorbency for protection against wayward hooks (In tests, Polaroid lenses could withstand a 23gm bead flying at 15m/second!)

Sport and fashion designs, including wraparound lenses, are available with rubber pads on the inside arms and a rubber nose pad that give extra comfort but also minimise the risk of your sunglasses sliding off and into the water.

Polaroid: Best Glarefree Vision
Most other polarized sunglasses are made from a flat plastic lens, curved by traditional vacuum-forming methods.  This can distort vision through the lens giving poorer overall visual performance.

Polaroid sunglasses however, utilise the company’s unique lens press polishing technology to curve the lens giving it unparalleled optical quality and almost 100% glare reduction across the whole surface.   With great optical performance and full polarizing efficiency, Polaroid lenses block out virtually all horizontally reflected glare that confuses vision, but let through vertical light which helps make vision brighter and sharper.  For fishermen, that means an all-round, virtually glarefree vision deep into the water so you can see where fish are feeding or resting – and know exactly where to cast.  

Perfect Eye-Protection from Sun Damage
This clearer contrast is also more restful for the eye so no more squinting against light reflected off the water or when the sun is low. Polaroid lenses give excellent natural colour perception and also provide 100% UV protection – important for eye health if you spend long periods outside. They are so effective in helping protect the eyes against potential sun damage that Polaroid lenses are included in the SunSmart range of sun protection products, promoted by the Australian Cancer Council.

Polaroid sunglasses are available now from Masterline stockists nationwide – simply call 01684 299000 or visit for your nearest stockist.  Prices start from £40 and each pair of Polaroid sunglasses comes with a special cleaning cloth and a convenient soft case that can be attached to a belt.  All are guaranteed for a year.  For information on Polaroid’s lens press polishing technology and the latest styles go to

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