Pulborough AS Report – 21 September 2008

Catch Reports  

Goose Green   
Bob Marlow writes to tell us that he and his son Jake fished Kingfisher lake at Goose Green on the 20th September, which resulted in his son Jake catching his first ever Bream, which is estimated to be around 3lb in weight. 

Jake Marlow


Moor Farm    

No reports

River Arun       

Mark Dibble fished the Arun at Parham on the evening the 13th-14th September, Mark fishing with a pellet feeder with pellet on the hook, caught four Bream & Chub for over 21lb, Mark's first fish was a proper Slab that weighed in at 7lb exactly. 

 Ben fished the Arun at Stopham on Tuesday the 16th September! Ben reports a superb day on the river with a continuous stream of small Roach, Rudd, Dace and some Chublet's, topped off by a lovely river Roach of over 1-0-0, Ben says that although the tide was one of the highest of the year, the water moved through nice a slow with out a hardly ripple, and the only ripple's were from the numerous fish breaking the surface seemingly to avoid some predatory fish


River Adur  

 No reports 


River Rother    

No Reports


Junior Scene  

No reports this week

Match Results     

PAS Open - 21 September 2008

Fished at Moor Farm  by 24 anglers the result was;

Bottom lake.

1st Anthony Parker (P.A.S) 48.22 kg (106-5-0) all carp to method feeder and maggot, pellet, boilies.

2nd John Cowley (C.D.A.S) 47.75 kg (105-4-0) mainly carp to pole and conker.

3rd Bill Sweeney (C.D.A.S) 36.85 kg (81-4-0) carp to pole and paste.

Middle lake

1st Nigel Aldridge (P.A.S) 20.75 (45-12-0) carp to method feeder and maggot.

2nd Adam Tester (P.A.S) 19.15 kg (42-3-0)16 carp to method feeder and maggot/corn.

3rd Kevin Parker (P.A.S) 18.64 kg (41-1-0) carp to pole and meat, crucians to corn/ maggot.