Pulborough AS Report – 9 November 2008

Very poor this week im afraid, the colder weather has put a lot of people off
Catch Reports  

Goose Green   
Ben and David fished Goose Green on Saturday 1st November, Ben reports that it was cold and wet at the venue but they both managed to catch. David caught 3 Bream, the biggest being 2-0-0. and a very stocky Mirror Carp of just over 6-0-0. Ben only managed to catch a Mirror Carp of just under 6lb 

Moor Farm    

Jon Taylor fished the middle lake at Moor Farm on the 7th November, Jon who decided to go after some of the nice Perch in middle Lake, started on light tackle, 2.5 line, with a 5 elastic and fishing chopped worms, Jon reports the capture of some nice Roach & small Perch, then the bullies moved in the form of the lakes resident carp which smashed him up. Jon went onto catch some nice Tench and further small Perch before the Carp returned, two of which he lost, a third he landed and it tipped the scales at 4-8-0, just as the light was fading Jon lost a big Perch.


River Arun       

No reports
River Adur   

 No Reports 


River Rother    

No Reports

Match Results     

Batchelor Cup - 9 November 2008
Fished at Moor Farm  by 13 anglers;

1st Adam Tester 44.65 kg (98-7-0) 28 carp to 12-6-0 on pellet feeder and pellet or maggot.

2nd Mick Booth 28.26 kg (62-5-0) 15 carp to method feeder and maggot.

3rd Nigel Aldridge 25.5 kg (56-3-0) 18 carp to method feeder and maggot.

4th Kevin Parker 21.45 kg (47-5-0) 14 carp to method and boilies.

5th James King 20.05 kg (45-3-0).

6th Pip Pranskus 19.86 kg (43-13-0).