Pulborough AS Report – 21 December 2008

Catch Reports  

Goose Green   
Jon Taylor fished Heron Lake at Goose Green on the 18th December, Jon who was expecting a bit of a struggle, was pleased as punch when he caught his first fish, but it was no fluke, he continued to catch Roach & Bream all through his session, and at one point it was nearly a fish a chuck, all of the fish were caught on a single red maggot paired to a sixe 18 hook.

Moor Farm    

 No reports

River Arun       

No reports
River Adur   

 No reports
River Rother    

No Reports

Match Results     


5th Winter League - 30 November 2008
Fished by 11 anglers at Goose Green, the result was;

1st Dudley Chandler (peg 50) 3-1-0, mainly roach to pole and pinkie/ caster.

2nd Mick Hall (52) 2-7-8, 1 bream and small roach to pole and maggot.

3rd Paul Holden (53) 2-7-0 mainly small roach to pole and pinkie.

Jt 4th Nigel Aldridge (54) and Barry Ginnaw (49) 1-14-0, small roach to pole and pinkie.



Christmas Cup - 7 December 2008
Fished by 19 anglers at Goose Green, the result was;

1st (peg 45) Pip Pranskus 2.4 kg (5-5-0) all roach to pole and caster.

2nd (24) Nigel Aldridge 2.05 kg (4-8-4) 4 bream to pole and punch.

3rd (53) Anthony Parker 2.04 kg (4-8-0) mainly skimmers to pole and punch.

4th (31) Barry Ginnaw 1.7 kg (3-12-0) 6 skimmers and 1 roach to pole and pinkie.

5th (35) Dudley Chandler 1.5 kg (3-5-0).

6th (50) Barry Hawkes 1.05 kg (2-5-0).



6th Winter League - 14 December 2008
Fished by 8 anglers at Moor Farm to the no Carp allowed rule, the result was;

1st Paul Holden 4-0-8.

2nd Barry Ginnaw 3-7-0.

3rd Dudley Chandler 3-2-8.

4th Mick Hall 2-10-0.

All catches were roach and rudd to pole and pinkie.

The final result of the league was;

1st Dudley Chandler 63 pts.

2nd Paul Holden 56 pts.

3rd Mick Hall 54 pts.