Pulborough AS Report

2 August 2009

Goose Green was a hive of activity on Sunday 2nd August with anglers to be found on all but two of the venues lakes and ponds, Deep Lake saw Karen Ginnaw fishing peg 75 where she caught a 2 lb Chub and 1-8-0 Bream plus small Tench, Roach, Perch & Gudgeon to short pole and corn/ maggot for a total net of 4-11-0, hubby Barry was to found on adjacent peg 76, where he caught 1 Carp of 1-8-0 on the feeder plus small Carp and bits on the pole and maggot for a net of 5-12-0.

Kingfisher Lake saw Ray Clark enjoying a days fishing, Ray fishing pole & pellet caught Bream, Skimmers, Roach, Rudd and Gudgeon more or less non stop all day, also on Kingfisher lake was Mark Emery, Mark also fishing pole and pellet had a comparable net to Ray's bag with Roach, Rudd, Crucians, Skimmers, Tench & Bream coming to his waiting net.


1 August 2009


Martin Sutton fished Moor Farm on the 1st August and send us the below report.;

Arriving at the car park at 7.30am I was surprised to find that I was the only one there.  I set up on the first peg and could already see fish cruising around on the surface.  I rigged one rod with a Method Feeder and initially halibut pellet bait, whilst the other rod had a controller float and dog biscuit.  Although the fish were active on the surface it was the Method that brought the first result – a Common weighing in at 3lbs 12ozs.  This was soon followed by another two others weighting 4lb 12ozs and 4lb 6ozs.  It then went quiet for a while and around 30 minutes later the other rod sprung around and I took another Common , tipping the scales at 4lbs 10ozs, from the surface.

The cloud cover started to increase, the wind got up and bites dried up.  Some 2½ hours later, on my last cast before packing up, the Method worked again.  A long slow battle ensued and eventually the fish came to the net.  This one was a very fine Mirror which was a very respectable 10lbs 8ozs.  Moor Farm continues to provide excellent sport and entertainment. Also fishing at Moor Farm on Saturday the 1st was Chris Cannon, Chris who was fishing the middle lake started the day with a Common Carp of just under 4-0-0 and lost a good fish at the net, Chris's day got progressively worse apparently and the wind and rain steadily increased and seemed to put the fish off.

Despite the weather Chris stayed at the venue until the evening and is glad he did as he finished the session with a Mirror Carp of 15-10-0 caught on floating crust.


25 July 2009
Mike Dibble fished the River Adur below White Bridge on the evening of 25th July. Using banded 6mm pellet he caught Bream of 2lb & 3lb before a quiet spell prompted a change to corn. This produced a Hybrid, Mike then lost a fish & ended the session with an Eel.


19 July 2009

Jon Taylor fished a short afternoon session at Moor Farm on the 19th July, Jon fishing the pole & pellet caught a shed load of small Carp to 3-8-0, plus three larger examples of 7-0-0 & 9-0-0


19 July 2009
Mike Dibble fished the Rother at Hardham on 19th July. In his own words it was "hard fishing" with the river running very clear despite the recent rains. Legered pellet never tempted a bite & switching to a worm/corn cocktail only produced a large Eel. A bored Mike then set up the stick float & took seven Gudgeon on worm. No sign of a Chub or Bream on this outing.


19 July 2009
Mark Dibble fished the River Arun at Washingham on 19th July. Using groundbait feeder & pellet he managed just two proper bites during the session but they both produced a nice Bream. The first was about 5lb & the second weighed 6lb 2oz.


Match Results      

2nd Round Military Cup - 26 July 2009
Fished at Goose Green by 17 anglers, the result was;

1st Pip Pranskus (peg 28) 14.02 kg (30-15-0) 5 carp to pole fish corn over pellet.

2nd Barry Hawkes (7) 13.65 kg (30-1-0) 5 carp to pole fished pellet.

3rd Adam Tester (23) 7.45 kg (16-7-0) 3 carp to feeder and pellet/corn.

4th Barry Ginnaw (27) 7.2 kg (15-14-0) 1 carp to pole and paste and 5 bream to pole and red maggot.

Current Standings

Pip Pranskus is on 12 pts.

Barry Hakes and Dudley Chandler are on 5 pts.

Mick Booth and Adam Tester are on 4 pts.


6th & Final Evening Match - 16 July 2009
Fished by 10 anglers at Goose Green,  the result was;

1st Kevin Parker 6.4 kg (14-2-0) 1 carp to pole and corn and 2 carp to method and corn.

2nd Chris Coole 3.8 kg (8-6-0)

3rd Barry Hawkes 3.43 kg (7-9-0)

4th Brian Miller 3.4 kg (7-8-0)

Final Standings

1st Dudley Chandler 21 pts.

2nd Kevin Parker 13 pts (36.05 kg)

3rd Mick Hall 13 pts (17.31 kg)

4th Barry Ginnaw 13 pts (13.68 kg


Dennis Cup - 12 July 2009
Fished by 14 anglers at Moor Farm Top Lake  the result was;

1st Pip Pranskus 19.15 kg (42-3-0) crucians and tench to pole and soft pellet.

2nd Mick Booth 12.7 kg (28-0-0) mainly crucians to pole and corn and paste.

3rd Shaun Groves 7.95 kg (17-8-0) tench and crucians to pole and pellet.

4th Nigel Aldridge 7.8 kg (17-3-0) tench and crucians to pole and maggot.