Pulborough AS Report – 10 May 2009

We will be holding our annual Teach In at Goose Green, near Ashington on Saturday 11th July 2009,  at this event we give one to one tuition to novice anglers, preference is given to juniors.

Methods used are Pole, Whip or Waggler with all tackle being supplied by the tutor, all of whom are experienced Pulborough AS members , we have a lower age limit of seven years for safety reasons.


There is a morning and afternoon session, each lasting three hours , Hot food - burgers, hot dogs and bacon butties are served at breaks throughout the day, together with tea, coffee and cold drinks.

There is no obligation to join Pulborough Angling Society after the teach in, but if you do join the Society,  the cost of your entry ticket will be deducted from your membership fee.

To book your place please telephone Pip Pranskus on 01798 815187 or 0771 7063712 or click on the booking link  via the Teach In page on our website www.pulboroughas.com.



When parking your car at Goose Green please be considerate towards other members and park in a way as to not block the paths to the lakes as was witnessed on the 9th April, we have a number of disabled members, some of whom are in wheel chairs and they require unrestricted access to the paths, the way this particular car was parked on Thursday would have made it difficult for an abled bodied member to pass, let alone a member in a wheel chair, is walking an extra 10 yards really that much of a hardship?.


Members will no doubt be delighted to hear that the horrible metal shed at Goose Green has today gone to the great scrap heap in the sky, the toilet has been moved to a new purpose built wooden shed that is located behind the container, thanks go out to Barry Ginnaw, Dudley Chandler, Mick Booth & Bob Pratt for cleaning and moving the toilet from it's previous location, further thanks go to Paul & Gail Holden for installing the concrete base and ramp in front of the toilet, no mean task if you saw the amount of concrete that had to be mixed and laid by hand.

Pulborough ASPlease leave the toilet in the state that you would wish to find it, i.e.; Clean & Tidy, please note the society will not be providing toilet rolls, as a footnote, when you have done what you need to do, please use only enough chippings to cover the "offending article", as too much wood chip will stop the toilet from working properly.

On  lighter note, the concrete base that housed the metal shed, once cleaned, was put into immediate use by Ray Clark as an impromptu patio this afternoon, complete with armchair, sun umbrella, table and barbecue, the only thing that was missing was the cold beers.

Eventually the base will be broken up and used as part of the car park renovations which will hopefully commence later this year.

Catch Reports  

Goose Green      
No reports this week.

Moor Farm    

No reports this week.

Duncan's Pond    

No reports this week.

River Arun       

No reports this week.

River Adur   

No reports this week.      

River Rother    

No reports this week 

Match Results      

M Gent Memorial & 1st Round Military Cup - 10 May 2009
Fished by 24 anglers at Goose Green, the result was:-

1st Pip Pranskus (peg 25) 7.91 kg (17-7-0) 3 carp to pole and bread and pellet.

2nd Dudley Chandler (peg 53) 7.51 kg (16-9-0) 5 carp to pole and corn plus 2.5 kg bits to pole and maggot.

3rd Mick Booth (peg 27) 6 kg (12-4-0) 5 carp to pole and pellet

4th Trevor Mordle (peg 32) 4.48 kg (9-14-0) bream and roach to pole and maggot.

5th Paul Holden (peg 56) 4.18 kg (9-3-0) 6th Nigel Aldridge (peg 36) 3.75 kg (8-4-0).

Top junior was Fergus Penfold from peg 50 with 1.04 kg (2-5-0).