28 June 2009

We will be holding our annual Teach In at Goose Green, near Ashington on Saturday 11th July 2009,  at this event we give one to one tuition to novice anglers, preference is given to juniors.

Methods used are Pole, Whip or Waggler with all tackle being supplied by the tutor, all of whom are experienced Pulborough AS members , we have a lower age limit of seven years for safety reasons.

There is a morning and afternoon session, each lasting three hours , Hot food – burgers, hot dogs and bacon butties are served at breaks throughout the day, together with tea, coffee and cold drinks.

There is no obligation to join Pulborough Angling Society after the teach in, but if you do join the Society,  the cost of your entry ticket will be deducted from your membership fee.

To book your place please telephone Pip Pranskus on 01798 815187 or 0771 7063712 or click on the booking link  via the Teach In page on our website www.pulboroughas.com.

Please note all morning places have been filled.


Catch Reports  
28 June 2009
Chris May, Jamie Strong and Gary Cooke fished an over night session on Canada Lake at Goose Green on the 27-28 June.
The trio arrived late on Saturday before it got dark in order to set up for a long night of what they hoped to be good fishing. Gary fished peg 24 with ledgered halibut pellet but unfortunately failed to get anything more than  knocks all night. Chris caught a lovely 5lb Common using his method feeder just as the sun went down but then too failed to catch any more that night. Jamie was trying his hardest but failed to catch.
The following morning brought warm sunshine and fresh hope, which was soon answered with Gary pulling in a lovely 5lb Mirror, followed by a 1lb 8oz Bream. The carp started to break the surface, so Gary switched to a floating dog biscuit which landed him an 8lb Mirror. This was followed straight away by a 3lb Bream on the ledger. Chris then also landed himself a 8lb Mirror and for the pair the day continued to delivery 1-2lb Carp and Bream.  A frustrated but happy Jamie still had nothing to show but they all agreed that they would have to return again some time soon to do it all again.
27 June 2009
Martin Sutton made a return visit to Moor Farm on the 27th June and sends us the following report;

Moor Farm never ceases to surprise.  Having checked the forecast which predicted a sweltering day, I arrived to find thick fog – so thick that it felt like it was drizzling.  This soon burnt off and the clouds eventually parted to provide a nice sunny day.  Fishing the Bottom Lake I set up one rod close into the bank and used a small feeder with a worm and small red rubber grub on the hook.  This produced a number of small Perch as well as a nice Rudd and several Tench to 1lb 6ozs.  Changing to a boilie several more Tench appeared and a lovely Roach weighing in at 1lb 4ozs.

Although fish had been moving on the top they did not appear to be interested in floating baits.  As the sun warmed everything up the fish started to feed and using a controller float with an ‘oily floater pellet’ as hook bait, I landed a nice Mirror Carp weighing in at 5lb 4ozs followed by two Commons; the largest being 7lb 8ozs.

A very varied pattern of weather throughout the morning produced probably the widest range of species that I had caught in one session – once again, Moor Farm never ceases to please or amaze me.

25 June 2009
Steve & Verity Ludlow were to be found back at their favourite haunt of Deep Lake at Goose Green again the 25th June, Steve fishing the waggler and alternating between pellet & meat, put together a net of Tench, Crucians, Rudd, Roach and then to round off the session he added a small Carp of approx 1lb on corn.

23 June 2009
Mark Dibble fished the River Arun at Greatham on 23rd June. Using groundbait feeder fished pellet Mark managed a couple of Bream around 5lb & a smaller one at nearly 3lb. The highlight of the session was an 11lb Common Carp.

23 June 2009
Steve & verity Ludlow fished the large double swim on Deep Lake at Goose Green on the 23rd June, fishing the margins with corn Steve put together a net of Tench& Rudd, a change to meat saw further Tench and a bonus Chub.

20 June 2009

Martin Sutton sends the following report on his day at Moor Farm;

I fished the Bottom Lake on Saturday 20th and had a very pleasant morning.  The weather was changeable with cloud varying from fully overcast to only partial cover providing warm sunny spells.  Occasionally, light drizzle fell but not as heavy as to necessitate donning waterproofs.  The water temperature was very warm and several fish were cruising near the surface although reluctant to take any floating baits.  During the morning two Environmental Agency staff came around and checked licences.  As always, this was done in a very friendly manner and showed that regulation can be done efficiently without being officious.

I ended the morning with 4 Common carp, the largest being 5lbs 0ozs, a nice Crucian and a Tench which weighed in at 2lbs 6ozs.  All fell to a method feeder and a variety of baits including boilies and small halibut pellets.

16 June 2009
Steve & Verity Ludlow fished Deep Lake at Goose Green on the 16th June, fishing  pellet & waggler Steve caught a monster Gudgeon that was no more than 2″ long and a Crucian, electing to move to the other side of the lake Steve went onto catch a mass on small Tench, Gudgeon & Roach.

16 June 2009
Mark Dibble fished below White Bridge on the River Adur at Upper Beeding, 16th June. Despite an unfavourable tide Mark was confident he could do something with the rising river in an early morning sprint session before work, but all he did was catch a 1lb 11oz Eel. Mark added, “a Barn Owl that kept hunting along the far bank was a sight worth getting up for though”.


Match Results      

Worthing Herald Cup – 28 June 2009
Fished by 10 anglers at  Greatham Bridge on the River Arun,  the result was:

1st Brian Miller 3.84 kg (8-7-0), 2 bream plus bits to waggler and maggot to the far bank.

2nd Paul Holden 3.25 kg (7-3-0), mainly roach to stick float and maggot inside.

3rd Mick Hall 3.15 kg (6-15-0), mainly roach to long rod and maggot.

4th Barry Ginnaw 1.7 kg (3-12-0), mainly roach to long rod and maggot.


3rd Evening Match – 25 June 2009
Fished by 7 anglers  at Stretham Bridge on the River Adur, the result was;

1st Dudley Chandler, 6.58 kg (14-8-0) 1 carp 2 bream and eels to feeder and maggot.

2nd Mick Hall, 4.96 kg (10-15-0) 3 bream plus bits to pole feeder fish on long rod and corn.

3rd Barry Ginnaw, 1.1 kg (2-7-0) skimmer and roach to long rod and maggot and eels to feeder.

4th Vic Cole, 0.88 kg (1-15-0).


2nd Evening Match – 18 June 2009
Fished by 14 anglers at Goose Green (Deep Lake), the result was :

1st Anthony Parker (peg 63) 6.35 kg (14 lb).

2nd Pip Pranskus (peg 72) 3.89 kg (8-9-0).

3rd Chris Coole (peg 62) 3.11 kg (6-14-0).

4th Barry Hawkes (peg 78) 2.4 kg (5-0-0).

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