Pulborough AS Report 1 July 2007

Catch Reports     
Goose Green       

Simon Parker fished Lake 4 at Goose Green with his Grandparents during the week and despite heavy rain he certainly showed the more experienced members of the club who were at the facility how it should be done, Simon fishing with his newly acquired pole, fished at lengths from 9m to 3m and caught Bream, quality Roach, Gudgeon, Perch, Rudd & Skimmers, all fish were caught on maggot, fished at full depth over groundbait.

Mark Emery was also at the fishery enjoying a well earned day off from his worldly travels, Mark fishing 6mm pellet over micro pellet on the short pole, caught Bream, Gudgeon, Roach, Rudd & Skimmers for a lowly total weight of under 10lb.

Dutch Peter, was to be found on Tench Lake, where he enjoyed a hectic days Roach fishing, fishing the pole with maggot on the hook, Peter reports catching in excess of 50 Roach including some quality fish, he also included two Tench in his catch, the total weight of Peter's catch is unknown.

New member Anthony  fished a short after work session at Goose Green  on the evening of the 26th June, sitting on Lake 3 and fishing the pole, Anthony caught a staggering net of fish to 9-0-0 on corn presented hard on the bottom for a total catch in excess of 50lb. a picture of Anthony and part of his catch can be seen by  on the following link  http://www.pulboroughas.com/Catch Photos/Anthony 26-6-07 (21).jpg
Ron Short was also to be found at Goose Green  on the evening of the 26th June, Ron fishing the pole on Lake 4 with corn/maggot on the hook, caught Carp to 5-6-0, plus Bream, Skimmers and Gudgeon.

Moor Farm   

Martyn Blyth reports on a frantic evenings sport at Moor Farm, Martyn fishing with his good friend enjoyed a great evenings fishing at the venue, the duo caught 12 "psycho wildies" as Martyn calls them to 8-0-0, Mark however had the last laugh when he caught a Mirror of 14-8-0 to round off a wonderful evening.

A picture of Mark and his Mirror can be seen by  clicking on the following link  http://www.pulboroughas.com/Catch Photos/Mark 14-8-0 MF Carp.jpg

River Arun

Chairman, Bob Pratt, found time to dust of his rods and make a trip to the Arun at Stopham, fishing just downstream from the Poplars, Bob reports catching over 150 fish, including Roach, Rudd & Dace, all fish were caught to waggler fished maggots.

Goose Green  

 We would like to extend our gratitude to those few people who turned out on Saturday 30 June for the work party at Goose Green, despite the odd heavy rain shower, the five managed to face up the single swims on Lake 3 and spread an enormous amount of wood chip on the path around the Lake,  we did not manage to finish topping up woodchip  paths around Lakes 3 & 4 as planned, therefore we will be holding a further work party at Goose Green on the  8th July, where we will hopefully, if we can get some help,  get someway near completing the job in hand, if not then the work will continue over the following weekend and beyond until such time as it is finished .
The final phase of the development works at Goose Green is nearing completion, the contractors have been on site for  two weeks and we anticipate a further weeks work, the work the contractors have accomplished on the site of Deep Lake is quite simply, stunning,  for photographs and video of the work in progress please visit our website www.pulboroughas.com and click on Goose Green from the links bar, then look at Phase 3, for your own safety, we kindly request that you do not enter the works area at any time.
Once the contractors and their machinery are off site the real work will begin, we will need help in laying the paths, creating swims and once the lake has water, planting of hundreds if not thousands of aquatic plants, plus trees and shrubs around the lake itself.
Junior Scene
No reports this week

Annual Teach In
This is an annual event at which we give one to one tuition to novice anglers, preference is given to juniors.

Methods used are Pole, Whip or Waggler with all tackle being supplied by the tutor, all of whom are experienced Pulborough AS members,we have a lower age limit of seven years for safety reasons.

There is a morning and afternoon session, each lasting three hours, with tackle prizes being awarded for each session, in addition each pupil is given a small goodie bag containing useful tackle items.

Hot food - burgers, hot dogs and bacon butties are served at breaks throughout the day, together with tea, coffee and cold drinks.

There is no obligation to join Pulborough Angling Society after the teach in, but if you do join the Society,  the cost of your entry ticket will be deducted from your membership fee.

This years will take place at our Moor Farm Fishery on 21 July, to reserve your place for this popular event visit our website www.pulboroughas.com and click on Teach In, alternatively telephone Sheila Olliver on 01903 213968 (evenings after 6pm), places are offered on a first come first served basis.

Work Parties
For the benefit of those who wish to come and help, we hold working parties at Goose Green every Saturday, starting at 0900hrs, all assistance gratefully accepted, even if you can only spare an hour - as the television advertisement states "Every Little Helps....."  .

Match Results
4th Evening Match - 28 June 2007
Fished at Goose Green by 12 anglers .
1st Barry Ginnaw (peg 7) 11.28 kg (24 lb 14 oz) 6 carp to pole and corn, plus 1 lb 8 oz of skimmers to maggot.

2nd Pip Pranskus (peg 25) 9.45 kg (20 lb 13 oz) 2 carp plus 10 lb of skimmers to pole and pellet.

3rd Mick Hall (peg 17) 8.47 kg (18 lb 11 oz) a 10 lb carp plus skimmers 4 mtr pole and corn pellet.

4th Shaun Groves (peg 9) 4.47 kg (9 lb 15 oz