Pulborough AS Report – 17 August 2008


Would members please note that the toilet at Goose Green is not a receptacle for your unwanted rubbish, we are fed up with having to remove bags of litter, you bought it with you, therefore you can also take it home with you!. 

Catch Reports  

Goose Green     
Chris Hilliard fished peg 24 on Canada Lake at Goose Green on the 10th August, Chris who was ledgering bread flake reports the capture of Carp to 11-2-0 
 Ben and David fished Canada Lake at Goose Green on the 10th August, David had a selection of Bream, Roach and a Mirror Carp of about 2lb, whilst Ben had a 10-8-0 Mirror Carp and a further example of 6-0-0 plus two smaller Carp of 3-0-0 and 2-0-0, all fished were caught on floating bread
Steve and verity Ludlow fished Deep Lake on the 11th August,  fishing pellet on the waggler, Steve caught Gudgeon, small Carp, Tench, Crucians and Skimmers.
Trevor "Mr Pastry" Mordle  fished Deep lake on the 16th August, Trev fishing small pellet close in to the marginal weeds, caught, Gudgeon, Skimmers, Small Carp & Crucians
For long standing members of the Society, some good news, Val Clark is back on the bank, Val was to be found fishing peg 19 on Heron Lake at Goose Green on the 17th August, using the short pole with maggot/pellet/meat on the hook, Val caught Perch, Roach, Skimmers and a perfect Mirror Carp of 6-0-0, sport was not frantic though with long spells where the float just wouldn't move as Mark Emery can attest, Mark fishing on peg 17 caught just three fish all day, two Skimmers & a lone Hybrid all on meat, to rub salt into the wounds Anthony Tester who was on Peg 14 kept the fish coming all day, with Small Carp, Skimmers & Roach falling to his waiting net.

Over on Deep Lake ray Clark, was having the the best day off all, fishing just two feet in front of him with pellet on the hook, Ray caught a succession of Small Carp, Perch, Roach, Gudgeon & Crucians.

Moor Farm    

No reports

River Arun       

No Reports.
 River Adur  

No Reports

River Rother    

No Reports


Junior Scene  

No reports this week

Match Results     

Arun Angling Trophy - 17 August 2008
Fished on Moor Farm Top Lake by 15 anglers.

1st Dudley Chandler 22.75 kg (50-2-0) mainly crucians to short pole and maggot.

2nd Pip Pranskus 18.1 kg (39-14-0) crucians to short pole and maggot a
nd tench + 2 lb eel to long pole and worm over squat in molehill.

3rd Barry Hawkes 14.9 kg (32-14-0) tench and crucians to pole and maggot.

4th Mick Booth 11.21 kg (24-11-0) tench and crucians to pole and pellet.

5th Chris Groves 10.71 kg (23-10-0).

6th Glenn Riley 9.6 kg (21-3-0).