Pulborough AS Fishing Report 27.08.06

Ray Clark fished at Moor Farm today, fishing the short pole on the middle lake, with prawn hook baits, he caught carp, roach, tench & crucians, also at Moor Farm was Paul "get off my land" Cripps, Paul who had fished an overnight session on the middle lake, reports catching a few small carp, but nothing larger.

Also on the middle lake was Mark Emery, Mark who spent the day teaching two novice coarse anglers, had a short dabble in between teaching his pupils, and caught two tench and a small carp, these were caught on pellet hook baits fished on the short pole, Mark's pupils however caught roach, crucians, tench and a few small carp, the best being approx 4lb.

Les Chapman was to found fishing the feeder on the bottom lake at Moor Farm, Les reports the capture of carp to 6-8-0 on meat hook baits.

Terry Stillwell was to be found at Goose Green today (24-8-06), feeder fishing on lake 3, Terry caught a steady succession of Bream to 3-0-0 and a solitary carp of 5-0-0, for a total net of 25-6-0.
Simon & Colin Parker enjoyed another day out with Grandparents Ray & Sandy Emery at Goose Green, both boys fished short poles, Simon recorded a catch of 4-8-0 Common and lost a bream, his little brother, Colin not to be outdone by Simon's catch a few weeks ago, went onto beat his elder brother in style, after a lengthy battle on 10 elastic, Colin landed an 11-0-0 Mirror. 

Colin and his Grandad with Colin's 11lb carp

Work Parties

For the benefit of those who wish to come and help "the few", we hold working parties at Goose Green every Saturday, starting at 0900hrs, all assistance gratefully accepted, even if you can only spare an hour - as the television advertisement states "Every Little Helps....."

Angling Training
Pulborough AS offer a comprehensive training scheme to those who wish to take up angling as a sport/pastime, we offer three levels of training from novice to advanced, further information is available on our website www.pulboroughas.com or from the Society Training Officer " Steve Moulding", who can be contacted on 07762 019636.

The training scheme offered by Pulborough AS is highly successful, with some of our former pupils now representing the Society in matches at both  regional and national level.

Match Results
The  Riddel cup and 2nd round of the Military cup was fished today(24/8/06) at Goose Green by 14 anglers,the result was;  1st Dudley Chandler,14.32kg (31lb9oz) 12 carp to pole and corn, all    caught in last 2 hours. 2nd Jamie Douglas (junior) 3.71kg (8lb 3oz) 1 carp 1 bream plus bits to pole and maggot. 3rd Barry Hawkes 3.55kg (7lb 13oz) 4 bream to pole and pellet. 4th Brian Miller  5kg(6lb 1oz)1 bream plus bits to pole and caster.
Tight lines

Mark Emery
Webmaster & Press Officer
Pulborough Angling Society

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