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Goose Green

Sunday 2-9-07 saw a number of anglers at Goose Green, Lake 2 saw Ray Clark on peg 16, Ray fishing the short pole with pellet on the hook caught a steady of succession of the lakes bream & skimmers plus a good head of small carp, on the opposite bank, Mark Emery was to be found fishing the short pole, with meat hook baits over a bed of groundbait, Mark caught well all day and included small Carp, Roach, Crucians, Skimmers & Bream in his haul and finished with a total bag of fish that tipped the scales at 46-9-0, to Marks right was Anthony Tester, Anthony also fishing the short pole was to be seen constantly swinging in small Carp & Skimmers with this landing net also be used on a regular basis for larger Carp to 4-0-0, plus Bream, larger skimmers and Crucians.

Lake 3 Saw Chris & Shaun “Spawny” Groves enjoying a late summer session at the venue, Chris fishing peg 24 caught Bream, Skimmers, Roach, small Carp and was also broken by one of the lakes larger residents, Shaun fishing peg 26 with the pole, caught Skimmers, Bream & Carp.

Graham Knight fished Lake 3 with his son Michael, Michael fishing the waggler at close range caught a number of small roach, his father meanwhile, who was fishing towards the island with a groundbait feeder, caught Bream, Skimmer and a few small Carp, Les Taylor was also to be found on Lake 3 earlier in the day, Les fishing the straight lead with Marmite flavoured luncheon meat, caught Bream to 3-0-0, plus three Carp, the best being 7-8-0.

New Pond saw Steve and Verity Ludlow, Steve fishing the waggler with meat on the hook caught Skimmers & Roach.

Bank holiday Monday saw Sandy Emery at Goose Green on Lake 2, fishing the straight lead with meat hook bait from peg 18, Sandy enjoyed a great day on the bank with a steady succession of the lakes smaller carp coming to the waiting landing net, also on Lake 2 was Carol Parker, fishing the waggler from peg 16 with meat on the hook, Carol caught a net of Bream, Skimmer and small carp for a total weight in excess of 25Lb.

Steve Ludlow fished Tench Pond on the 27th, fishing a small waggler and meat hook baits, Steve reports catching a couple of small Tench that weighed approx 1-0-0 each.

Moor Farm      

Adam Tester made the best of his last few days of  holiday time, with a session at Moor Farm on the 30th August, fishing the middle lake with the short pole and his own secret paste mix, Adam reports a net of 40lb comprising mainly Tench & Crucians, with a few Carp for good measure.

River Arun   

No reports this week

River Adur

No reports received this week  

Fishery News
Currently pictured on the news page of our website is  a photograph of just a small amount of the litter that was collected  on the26-8-07  from two pegs on Lake 2 at Goose Green, namely pegs 14 & 16, also found were crisp packets and two broken bank sticks that had just been left lying on the ground, these have now been disposed of, as mentioned before on the website and also in black & white in your club rule book, if you care to read it, Litter will not be tolerated,  anyone and we do mean anyone, found littering or with litter in their peg will lose their membership with immediate effect .

There is no excuse to leave litter of any form lying around, you bought it with you, you take it home with you, the worst thing is the litter that was collected today by a serving committee member, included yards of line that had just been left where it fell, but to top it all off, the anglers, and yes we have a fair idea of who is responsible, had wrapped some of the line around the retaining hooks on the life belt, if you have time to wrap it around the life belt, you also have time to put it in your bag

We would like to extend our thanks to Steve and Verity Ludlow who have kindly donated a huge amount of aquatic plants to the Society, we will be using the reeds, rushes etc to plant out Deep Lake in the coming weeks, all help greatly appreciated from the membership for the mammoth task of planting.

Junior Scene
No reports this week

Match Results
Result of the  Pulborough AS Open match held today 2-9-07 at Moor Farm, fished by 15 anglers 

1st Derek White (Passies) 35.5 kg (78 lb 4 oz) mainly carp to method feeder and pellet waggler.

2nd Neil Streeter (P.A.S) 32.88 kg (72 lb 8 oz) mainly carp to method feeder and maggot.

3rd Tom Page (P.A.S) 28.69 kg (63 lb 4 oz) Mainly carp to method feeder and maggot.

4th Kevin Parker (P.A.S) 27.2 kg (59 lb 15 oz) 

5th Pip Pranskus (P.A.S) 26.65 kg ( 58 lb 12 oz) 

6th Jamie Douglas (P.A.S) 17.65 kg (38 lb 15 oz)


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