Pulborough AS Report 8 July 2007

Annual Teach In
This is an annual event at which we give one to one tuition to novice anglers, preference is given to juniors.

Methods used are Pole, Whip or Waggler with all tackle being supplied by the tutor, all of whom are experienced Pulborough AS members,we have a lower age limit of seven years for safety reasons.

There is a morning and afternoon session, each lasting three hours, with tackle prizes being awarded for each session, in addition each pupil is given a small goodie bag containing useful tackle items.

Hot food - burgers, hot dogs and bacon butties are served at breaks throughout the day, together with tea, coffee and cold drinks.

There is no obligation to join Pulborough Angling Society after the teach in, but if you do join the Society,  the cost of your entry ticket will be deducted from your membership fee.

This years will take place at our Moor Farm Fishery on 21 July, to reserve your place for this popular event visit our website www.pulboroughas.com and click on Teach In, alternatively telephone Sheila Olliver on 01903 213968 (evenings after 6pm), places are offered on a first come first served basis.

Catch Reports    
Goose Green    

Goose Green was surprisingly quiet for such a glorious day  on the 8-7-07 , Webmaster, Mark Emery, sat himself down on Peg 24 on Lake 3 at the fishery and enjoyed a bag up session, using the short pole and fishing the nearside margins with corn on the hook,  Mark proceeded to catch 10 Bream, 4 Mirror Carp, the best tipping the scales at 10-7-0, he also included Perch, good Roach & Skimmers in his haul that finally tipped the scales at 68-4-0.

Les Taylor was also at Goose today, Les fishing his favoured peg on Lake 4 with the waggler, caught a bag of 15-3-0, which included Bream, Skimmers & Gudgeon, all fish were caught on sweetcorn.

Ron & Bill Hill were to be found at Goose Green on the 5-7-07 perched on Lake 3, both anglers fished the short pole and enjoyed masses of action, Bill beat his brother Ron by a considerable margin with a weight of 26-0-0, whilst Ron had to be content with 16-0-0, the brothers both included Bream, carp and silvers in their catches.

The evening of the 4th July, saw just two anglers enjoying some evening sport at Goose Green, these being Mike Symes and Dudley Chandler, Dudley perched himself on Tench Pond for a short session, fishing the short pole to nearside marginal cover with corn on the hook, Dudley caught just a single Tench, but added some quality roach later in the session.

Mike was to be found on Lake 3, fishing the feeder close to the island, Mike caught a carp of 10-0-0, however the action was not overly hectic and spotting cruising fish, Mike soon swapped to fishing floaters, this approach certainly did the trick and it was not long before a superb Mirror carp graced his waiting landing net

Moor Farm  

Chris Cannon fished the Middle Lake at Moor Farm on the afternoon of Saturday 7th July through to dark, Chris reports catching a mixed bag of fish including 3 Tench, biggest 2lb 3oz, 3 Common Carp biggest 3lb 6 oz, an Eel of 2lb, a Perch of 1lb 7oz (caught on sweetcorn) and a Mirror Carp of 15lb 2oz.

River Arun

Mark Dibble 'finally' (as he says in his email) got out for the first session of the the season on the 01-07-07 and elected to fish the Arun at  Greatham and sends the following report:

The river was as you might expect a bit high & pushing through on the run out, but it had a real nice tinge of colour. I feeder fished pellet & had four Bream, three of which were over 5lb, However fish of the day was a 1lb 12oz Roach & I'm well chuffed with that!, Mark sent a photograph showing this magnificent river Roach,  copy attached.

River Adur

Mark West reports a wonderful session on the Adur at Streatham during the week, Mark, fishing the feeder with three maggots on the hook, caught a prime river Carp that was in absolute perfect condition, Mark advised that he did not know the weight of the fish, but looking at photographs, it would appear to be in the region of 6 to 7lb in weight, copy of the photograph attached for your appraisal.

Goose Green Development

We would like to thank our members for their patience on the 7-7-07 whilst the swim building was undertaken on Lake 4, all bar three swims have been completed and the Lake is once again open to anglers.
Special thanks go out to the "few" who turned out today to help with the swim building on Lake 4, these being: Tony Olliver, Pip Pranskus, Les Taylor & Mark Emery, as well as the "Women & Children" who worked in earnest topping up the paths with woodchip, these being Verity & her husband, Sandy Emery, Carol Parker, Simon (9yrs) & Colin Parker (7yrs) , the men that sat and fished and had the audacity to watch the women & children struggle, should be ashamed of themselves, a little help would not have gone amiss!!!!.


We did not manage to finish topping up woodchip  paths around Lakes 3 & 4 as planned, therefore we will be holding a further work party at Goose Green on the  14th July, where we will hopefully, if we can get some help,  get someway near completing the job in hand, if not then the work will continue over the following weekend and beyond until such time as it is finished .
The final phase of digging at Goose Green has been completed, all being well the machines will be off site in the coming week. Now the hard work begins with path laying, swim creation & masses & masses of planting!!!!, some help with the work would be appreciated,  the Lakes don't plant themselves,  the work the contractors have accomplished on the site of Deep Lake is quite simply, stunning,  for photographs and video of the work in progress please visit our website www.pulboroughas.com and click on Goose Green from the links bar, then look at Phase 3 , I have attached a panoramic "stitched" photograph showing the hole that is now Deep Lake, please let it rain and fill this 6000 cubic metre hole up with water.
Junior Scene
No reports this week

Work Parties
For the benefit of those who wish to come and help, we hold working parties at Goose Green every Saturday, starting at 0900hrs, all assistance gratefully accepted, even if you can only spare an hour - as the television advertisement states "Every Little Helps....."  .

Match Results
5th Evening Match - 5 July 2007
Fished on the River Arun at Greatham Bridge by 11 anglers.
1st Dave Laker 4.65 kg (10 lb 4 oz) 3 bream plus bits.

2nd Glenn Riley 1.96 kg (4 lb 5 oz) 1 bream plus bits.

3rd Mick Hall 1.94 kg (4 lb 4 oz 8 drms) 2 bream plus bits.

4th Barry Ginnaw 1.7 kg ( 3 lb 12 oz) 1 bream plus eels.

All caught on feeder ,worm and caster.