Having pestered Shaun Harrison at Quest Baits for information on new products they may have in the pipeline for 2010 we are delighted to reveal a little information about their new ‘Chilli Chocolate’ boilies.

“As you know I am constantly playing around with different ingredients, it’s very much a hobby as well as a job and every once in a while you put a few things together in the right order and the carp go silly for them.

The Chilli Chocolate seems to have ‘just happened’. I had never set out to produce a bait anything like this but a string of circumstances has seen me semi- abandoning the bait I had in my mind, for this totally different change in route. 

Quest Baits Chilli ChocolateIt’s funny how things go. I had been sourcing totally different ingredients when I stumbled across two of the items in Chilli Chocolate which straight away I really liked and early trials indicated the carp definitely did. The ingredients weren’t particularly suitable for what I was working on at the time but it so happens I had another project on the go talking to a flavour company about producing something utilising a couple of ‘special ingredients’ I had requested.

Suddenly everything married up and before I knew it we had ‘Chilli Chocolate’ boilies. Open the bag and you get that lovely rich chocolate smell. Bite into the bait and a distinct chocolate taste starts to mingle with the subtle fish base, followed by a slight chilli bite which the carp simply love.
The tank fish loved them, the garden fish loved them and not surprisingly the wild fish have too, so far they have produced from the off everywhere they have been used. We are really excited about this bait.”

Chilli Chocolate boilies are brown in colour and containing no bulk oils they will not suffer with the age old problem of oils congealing and trapping in the other all important attractors during the cold months and more importantly this leaves the baits in an easy to digest form.

Release is Monday 1st March 2010 along with the usual pop-ups, dips, glugs, pellets, paste and feeds to match.

Shaun told us he has a few more things in the pipeline but this is all he is telling us about for now.

Prices; £4.29 for 350g, £8.99 for 1kg, £39.99 for 5kg
Tel: 08448 000345

Quest Baits Chilli Chocolate