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As part of its ongoing investigation into yesterday’s pollution of the River Trent, the Environment Agency has served a Suspension Notice to prevent Red Industries Ltd of Burslem, Stoke-on Trent, from discharging any industrial effluent to the sewer system.
Environment Agency officers have been on site at Red Industries after tests showed the presence of cyanide at the sewer discharge point used by the company.
The issuing of the notice follows swift action by the Environment Agency in its ongoing investigation into the source of the cyanide pollution of the River Trent.
David Hudson, Environment Manager said: “The pollution has killed thousands of fish on the River Trent, and caused a great deal of concern for many people. This sort of incident is unacceptable. Our investigation is continuing to ensure we can take firm action against those responsible.”
Nationally, the number of river pollution incidents in England and Wales has reduced by some 90 per cent over the past 15 years and is at an all time low.
The quality of rivers is the best for over a century. The Environment Agency will continue to press for tougher sentences for those who set back the tremendous progress made as a result of the action by the Environment Agency and its partners.
Under the Water Resources Act it is an offence to cause poisonous, noxious or polluting matter to enter rivers. Should a prosecution reach the Crown Court, fines are unlimited.
The largest fine for a similar offence occurred in 2004, with an Avonmouth-based chemical company, Sevalco, fined £240,000 for deliberating discharging cyanide into controlled water.

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