Like many anglers, David Pugh had long dreamed of catching his first Scottish salmon, and so decided to employ the services of Franz Grimley and John McCallum at Scottish Fishing Guides to see if they could make his dream a reality.

The experienced team at Scottish Fishing Guides put David on to a quality beat called Stracathro on the North Esk and sure enough, David soon got amongst the fish with a stunning 7 lb Springer, so I guess you could say that Scottish Fishing Guides can really make your dreams come true!

If you have always dreamed of fishing for wild brown trout in sparking clear rivers, or hooking freshly run sea trout, or even wild Atlantic salmon, then why not let two of Scotland’s most successful anglers guide you to your dream.

Franz Grimley, owner of Scottish Fishing Guides goes on to explain “There are many anglers who would love to learn how to fly fish but simply cannot spare the time to come to Scotland. As such I am prepared to offer my extensive knowledge and go to the client instead – have rod, will travel, if you like! While river fly fishing is my speciality, my knowledge of still-water fishing, fly casting and fly tying is extensive. With this in mind the potential customer can learn the basics of fly casting in a morning, visit the river or lake of their choice in the afternoon, and be taught the basics of fly tying in the evening. A comprehensive learning program that can be tailored to the needs and requirements of the client.”

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