Seighford Lakes

Trout fishing
With weather still failing to warm during the past week, it hasn't seemed to have affected the fishing here at Seighford. With frosts almost every night we have been busy every morning clearing ice so anglers are able to fish. The aerator in the Swan Neck Pool has had two advantages this week, not only is is preventing ice forming on the lodge end of the pool, but it is also attracting trout into that area of the lake. The pegs nearest to the lodge have produced a lot of sport this week. Derbyshire based angler Renso Delrossi had the best bag of the week with 10 trout up to 7lb. Renso caught all his fish out of the Swan Neck Pool on gold headed Cruncher on a floating line. Best Fish of the week went to Gary Owen, who landed a 11lb 10oz specimen off the Railway Pool. Gary took the fish after fishing for only 15 minutes, he tempted this monster on static Bloodworm set at 5 foot. He also added a further 8 fish to his days fishing.

Gary Owen with a 11lb 10oz Rainbow Trout out of the Railway Pool
Gary Owen with a 11lb 10oz Rainbow Trout out of the Railway Pool

Coarse Fishing
Finally some Carp have been caught out of the Old Pool this week. Peg 2 chucked up half a dozen Carp on Friday. The fish were taken on double red maggot on a size 16 hook. Alot of fish have been showing up in the reeds and out on the barr that runs off the island in the middle of the pool. Method feeders and pole have been the best tactics this week, feeding very little seems to have been the way forward this week.
The Horseshoe Pool will still be available for fishing.
A stocking of 6,000 Roach have gone into the Horseshoe Pool, the fish range from 2" up to 8". This is sure to keep bites coming during these cold months. We do welcome clubs to our waters, bookings can be arranged over the phone. To book in ring us on the lodge phone on 01785 28296
Hope to see you soon.

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