Seighford Lakes

Trout Fishing
With the milder weather coming in this week, we haven't had problems with the lakes freezing over, fishing has remained at a good standard for both fly and coarse. Best bag of trout this week went to Chris Jones. who hooked and landed 7 fish. Chris used a floating line to tempt all his fish, most of his catch came off the Swan Neck Pool on a damsel. Damsels have worked well all week underneath a site indicator. Best fish of the week also came off the Swan Neck Pool. The Trout weighed in at 8lb 2oz and was caught by local angler 'Jock', who returned the fish seconds later. The next stocking of fish will be coming in this week. 100 fish will be going in each pool and a further 100 fish will be going in the holding pen that we now have. These fish will be stocked at a later date to keep the fishing at a good level. Our stocking policy here at Seighford Lakes is nothing under 3lb with fish running well into double figures.
Paul Stone 8lb 4oz Rainbow Trout
Paul Stone 8lb 4oz Rainbow Trout
Coarse Fishing
Finally the frosts have gone, and good fishing has followed. The Old Pool has fished its head of this week. Maggot being the bait of the week, fished over a bed of ground bait. Roger Abnett made another come back this week, fishing his favorite spot, peg 2. Roger fished his pole at 13 meters on maggot to catch an estimated bag of around the 70lb mark. His bag consisted of mainly carp, with a few silverfish mixed in. Roger also landed two bonus carp, one was around 10lb and the other he reckoned was just over 12lb.

The Horseshoe Pool will still be available for fishing, the Horseshoe has recently being stocked with 6,000 silver fish. Good days fishing are to be had on there for the Roach and Perch plus the chance to catch a bonus Trout.