Seighford Lakes Fishing Report

Trout Fishing
Yet another cold week, with the lakes still trying to freeze over, we have had to keep the aerators on almost every night to prevent ice forming. Some excellent fish have been caught over the past couple of days. Barry Love becoming a regular in our fishing reports proved his skills again this week. Barry Hooked and landed the biggest fish of the week, tipping the scales at a whopping 16lb 2oz. "It gave up an incredible fight, best fish I've had in a long time" he added,Barry also landed another double out of the same spot, he estimated it to be around the 12-13lb mark. He fished an intermediate line using a black and green lure, he took all his fish from the Railway Pool. He finished the day on an impressive 29 Trout. John Cooper also had a nice sized fish from the Railway Pool, it weighed 7lb dead. Flies that are catching this week are mainly all lures, black, green and white being the main colour's. Floating lines and very slow sinking lines are both taking fish. Seighford Lakes Fishery is now a registered Troutmasters water, the best 3 fish of the month will earn you a badge and you will be entered into a fish off at the end of the year, the winner of the match will get an invitation to fish at the Final.
Barry Love with a 16lb 2oz Rainbow
Coarse fishing
With the cold weather still refusing to go away, the carp still aren't feeding properly. The silverfish are still showing all over the lakes. Pegs 4 and 5 have fished the best this week, 6 metres out using bread punch has been the best method. Maggots are still pulling fish out from peg 2, feeding little and often seems to be working the best.A stocking of 6,000 Roach have gone into the Horseshoe Pool, the fish range from 2" up to 8". This is sure to keep bites coming during these cold months. We do welcome clubs to our waters, bookings can be arranged over the phone. To book in ring us on the lodge phone on 01785 282967 .
Tight Lines,
Phil Dixon