Members of the Sussex based Shoreham Angling Squad braved gusting winds of 40mph and mountainous seas to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust charity.

Seventeen anglers from the club fished from 6pm until 12am on Friday 19th January 2007. Six teams fished at six different locations from Brighton to Selsey and struggled in horrendous conditions while the public watched live up to the minute reports on the popular angling website

Funds were raised by the website viewers who called a charity phone line set up by the event organiser Mike Harwood. Mike is also a member of the Shoreham Angling Squad. Mike states that the website received an amazing1500 individual hits and expects the evening to have raised approximately £800 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. People ‘tuned in' from all over the world to see how the brave anglers faired in the Sussex storms. A range of anglers and abilities took part in the ‘fishathon' including a grandfather and grandson team with the most senior team member being 59 years old and the youngest team member being 15 years old.

Mike Harwood says, “I would like to thank all off the anglers, The Shoreham Angling Squad, WSF and Penn fishing. Without all of their help the event would not have been possible.”

More fishathon events are planned for the near future. To see the evenings progress visit
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