Shropshire Middle Severn Catchment Abstraction Management Strategy

Environment Agency News Release

The Environment Agency has published the final strategy for managing the water resources of the Shropshire Middle Severn.

The ‘Shropshire Middle Severn Catchment Abstraction Management Strategy' (CAMS) document sets out a framework for how water resources should be managed.

The main watercourses are the Rivers Tern, Perry, Roden, Strine and Meese, the Cound Brook and Rea Brook. It does not include the River Severn at it was considered in the Severn Corridor CAMS which was published in June 2003.

It sets out the licensing system for the removal, or abstraction, of water from the river, and how water resources can be protected for the future.

Water is a precious resource and there are competing priorities between the needs of public water supply, agriculture, power companies, industry, navigation and recreation.

The CAMS makes more information on water resources publicly available. It will also allow the balance between the needs of abstractors, other water users and the water environment to be considered, in consultation with the local community and other interested parties.

The finished strategy sets out the licensing practice for taking water out of the Shropshire Middle Severn area and identifies how this should be managed in a sustainable way. The strategy will then be reviewed every six years.

Environment Agency Regulatory Officer, Kate Hurst, says: “Water is a vital resource. It is important that we manage it in a sustainable way so as to protect the river for future generations, but we must regulate it in a way that is fair to everyone. This is set out in our Strategy for the area”

A copy of this document will also be posted on the Environment Agency's website  Copies can also be obtained from Kate Hurst at the Environment Agency, Hafren House, Welshpool Road, Shelton, Shrewsbury SY3 8BB or by e-mail request to